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The Punisher Fandom Fashion Sets

Punisher will have its full series drop on Netflix today. A series that will be introducing Frank Castle and his anguished backstory for all to see. There will be guns, probably vigilante justice and for some reason Karen Page. Who’s ready for explosions?


Frank Castle has always been a very interesting character. He is truly a multilayered antihero who leans more on being an absolute psychopath a lot of the time. His philosophy seems to skew to his own whims and sometimes to the betterment of the people around him. Jon Bernthal’s take on this character is definitely promising. He was easily one of the best parts of Daredevil season 2.

In the spirit of Punisher’s check out these fandom fashions. Jon Bernthal not included.

Long jacket Punisher

Jacket and necklace from Amazon; Shirt and jeans from H&M; Boots from Torrid;


Legging Punisher

Jacket and ring from Amazon; Shirt from Super Hero Stuff; Leggings from Boohoo; Boots from Fashionette; Choker from Express; Bag from Tee Amazing;


Belted Punisher

Jacket and tank from Amazon; Jeans from City Chic; Boots from Zaful; Belt from Lord and Taylor; Ring from Kohls;


Will you be watching Justice League or Punisher on Friday? Will it be both? Do you have a character or fandom you’d like to see a set for? Let me know in the comments section below!

Shopping links for the sets and so many geek fandom fashions can be found over at curvygeekyfangirl.com

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