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Everybody Hates Naruto – Outlaw Barz Ep 1 (PODCAST)

Just when you thought FanBros couldn’t get any better, we hit you with more heat. Outlaw Barz is the latest addition to the FanBros podcast roster, hosted by our very own Anime Czar Deadly Diva along with the fantabulous Black Nerd Jade, and Sope.

In this inaugural episode the ladies discuss colorism and sexism in anime and how its evolved (or not evolved) over the decades. Watch your back Mr. Popo! They also share their favorite anime and give tips on how to avoid withdrawal symptoms when your drug show of choice disappears. There may have been talk of Naruto, but who really knows what’s going on with these ladies.

Outlaw Barz will be a bi-weekly podcast, dropping every other Wednesday. You can follow Outlaw Barz on Twitter at: @OutlawBarzPod. In order to get the show, make sure to subscribe to @FanBrosShow on Soundcloud, iTunes, and Stitcher!