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Ever since Nintendo Direct announced there was a new console coming in March 2017, there have been rumors flying around every website and even the floors of E3. And today, it looks like we are finally getting solid answers from Nintendo (as originally reported by Eurogamer.net) as to what they have planned for the future.

Introducing: The Nintendo NX

This system will be their first portable console. Check out the picture below – notice the buttons on each side? They detach from the main system, which is shaped like a tablet.

Nintendo NX specs

For home play, there will be a docking station that will stay connected to your television and will be able to connect to one of the controllers to display the games on your screen.

So, if that wasn’t quirky enough, here’s my favorite feature: The games will be sold in old-school cartridges.

While there’s no doubt that digital downloads will be available, it seems the Nintendo NX’s physical retail products will be taking a very retro stance with how their software is being packaged. Unfortunately with this huge design change, it looks like backwards compatibility from the previous system (Wii-U) may not be possible.

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