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Momocon 2017: Rise of the Fandoms (EVENT RECAP)

This year’s Momocon was definitely not one to be missed. The convention was held May 25th through the 28th  at the Georgia World Congress Center. Momocon 2017 featured panels, photo shoots and other activities that centered on fandoms of anime, video games, comics and all around nerd culture. Attendees showed off their cosplay that took either an entire year to make or a day to make (like mine because #ProcrastinatorNation)


The convention also features an Exhibitors Hall where attendees can buy apparel from their fandoms, buy Japanese snacks featured in anime shows, shop for their next cosplay, and purchase fan art. It’s a fun way to pass time while waiting for your next panel to begin. Attendees can also compete against each other in video game tournaments, play laser tag and LARP. There were more than 100 panels ranging from “Japanese Urban Legends” to “Cosplay in Non-Canon Bodies”.

The popular FPS game Overwatch and the animated series Steven Universe had a huge fan turnout. Steven Universe had 7 panels and Overwatch totaled 5 panels. Most panels featured the voice actors from the series. Cosplayers showed up and showed out in their best Overwatch and Steven Universe get ups and it was definitely a sight to see. Being a part of the Steven Universe fandom myself, it was so exciting to see other attendees so passionate about the series and their love for the voice actors. Hearing Deedee Magno Hall, the voice actor for Pearl, sing, “It’s Over, Isn’t It?” live was truly an experience.

One highly anticipated panel was Toonami which discussed the ending of the super popular series Samurai Jack. Because of the success of Samurai Jack they now are developing plans to make more originals as well as airing more fan requested anime. Audience members cheered on as they announced they will air Lupin the 3rd Part 4 on June 17th. As far as updates on Fooly Cooly, Toonami’s co-creator, Jason DeMarco announced that they will release them soon. Lastly, they shared what shows have been requested for the program to air including: My Hero Academia, Fairy Tale, and One Punch Man season 2.

Look through the gallery below for more amazing cosplay photos from Momocon 2017!

Photo Credits: K. Bailey