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Hulu Releases Marvel’s Runaways’ First Full Trailer!

After last month’s teaser at New York Comic Con, Hulu released the first full-length trailer for the upcoming Marvel’s Runaways. We start with Alex (Rhenzy Feliz) and Nico (Lyrica Okano) talking in the hallway of their school. Alex wants to get his friends back together, even though things won’t be the way the used to be. If you’re a fan of the comic, you may have gotten chills just considering the implications of that conversation. Man, if Hulu gets this one right…

November is already a crowded month, with releases of The Punisher, Justice League, and Thor: Ragnarok, just around the corner. Still, the 21st can’t come quick enough from the looks of this recent trailer. During Alex Wilder’s brief conversation, we see close ups of the other teens as well. Chase (Gregg Sulkin) and the others shows up at the Wilder home for a nightly hang. They accidentally reveal the location of a charity meeting their parents are holding, while looking to return a purse. Something goes terribly wrong after a pair of screams, one from the teens’ group, the other from the victim below. Victim? “What kind of charity meeting is this?” utters Chase. You can tell what happens next from the title of the series…

Marvel’s Runaways hopes to focus on the more fantastical elements of the Marvel Universe, combining most origin stories viewers are familiar with. The recent trailer shows off the famous Staff of One, and we even see more Old Lace! Brian K. Vaughan’s original 2003 series, features themes of magic, technology, even extraterrestrials, and seems perfect for Young Adult audiences, and older viewers alike.

Runaways stars Rhenzy Feliz (Teen Wolf, Casual), Gregg Sulkin (Don’t Hang Up, Faking It) Ariela Barer (The Thundermans, Modern Family) Lyrica Okano (Ikenhisu, The Affair), James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville), Angel Parker (American Crime Story, Lab Rats), and Brittany Ishibashi (This Is Us, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Marvels’ Runaways premieres its first 10-episode season on Hulu on November 21st. Stay tuned to FanBros.com for more as it develops!