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Marooned (Monday Morning Movie)


Marooned tells the story of a space ship bereft of power, floundering on the last of its life support, floats mercilessly through the silent emptiness. A two-man mining crew trapped aboard struggles for its last few breaths before taking a plunge into insanity. The ship’s captain begins to see things and hear noises.
When the Lieutenant climbs the exterior of the ship to repair a failing communications antenna, the captain encounters a hideous creature determined to break the airlock and get into the ship.
Marooned is a Science Fiction short film that has classic thrills inspired by movies such as Alien, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, and the Twilight Zone.

Marooned is the third feature in our Monday Morning Movies series, and probably the last one that I’m going to actually number. This film has won numerous awards during it’s run at festivals and private screenings, and is now available for the general public to enjoy. See Mondays aren’t so terrible after all, you can catch the movie after this short break.

Props to Crankleft films.