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FanBros Originals Presents Fearless Future: Issue Five – Make It There

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This week’s story is entitled MAKE IT THERE, written by Sebastian Girner, a former Marvel editor of a ton of great stuff including one of my favorite titles PUNISHERMAX and current editor of two upcoming Image titles BLACK SCIENCE and DEADLY CLASS. Art is handled by New Orleans newcomer Kendall Goode, who you’ll be seeing a lot from in the future. Color art by Ruth Redmond, another rising talent who’s just completed work on Grendal: Devil’s Whisper and a cover for Stephen Mooney’s Half Past Danger. David C. Hopkins letters, having lettered for BlueWater Productions in the past and is currently one half of the popular webcomic RAZORBLOOM and one half of the Hideous Energy Podcast.

The intro was written by the editor of Fearless Future, Chris Robinson, but let me add on and say that this might be the best art that this series has seen yet. Kendall Goode is definitely someone that I will check for more in the future as his work on Make It There is incredible. Make It There is a more ambiguous tale than last week’s but the ending still hits just as hard. Definitely getting a bit of an Elysium vibe from this one, but with it’s own unique worldview Make It There is yet another classic in the line of FanBros Originals.