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Is The Leftovers Finale Any Good? (FBS Special Delivery No. 40)

Leftovers Finale

Blink and you miss the only other black person on the show.

It’s The Leftovers Finale Review Episode! Are you not entertained? I mean if The Leftovers Finale review of “The Prodigal Son Returns” doesn’t entertain you then you can still enjoy Kimsonian & Chico Leo expounding upon the premier of the final season of Boardwalk Empire! The first episode of the last season of Boardwalk Empire is entitled “Golden Days For Boys And Girls”, but if you think Nucky & Chalky have anything but good days ahead then you must be watching the wrong show. Of course the crew still checks out Extant, and for once Chico Leo has nothing but good things to say about The Strain, with the latest episode “The Disappeared” being another stellar one in my humble opinion. So tune in for the FanBrosShow review of The Leftovers Finale Review and stay for the donuts! By donuts I mean dope ass reviews but you know that already right? I mean you’ve already subscribed on Itunes and liked us on Facebook right? Right???? If you haven’t and are still reading then please do. Tell em Benhameen sent you in the comments!