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Fan Bros Show: Justin Bieber Plays The Terminator Episode (Podcast)


Justin Bieber plays the Terminator? It sounds insane but on the latest episode of Fan Bros we discuss the rebooted Terminator Franchise and whether we could see Justin Bieber as a liquid metal cyborg. Plus we review World War Z and This Is The End. We also bring you the latest in Comics I Copped, Chico’s Netflix Pic Of The Week, and the usual insanity from the crew. Also make sure you enter our first ever contest here! Time code after the break.


0:00 to 10:00 – Discussion of The New Terminator Franchise. No Spoilers since the movie hasn’t even come out yet

10:01 to 13:00 – Announcement of our contest, for more details visit here: fanbros.com/dc-domo/

13:01 to 22:00 – We ignore this weeks True Blood to speak on Looper, The Goonies, and what drug in what movie would we love to take. No spoilers

22:01 to 30:00 – Discussion of the new Green Lantern Film, and some last thoughts on Man of Steel and the DC Universe in general. No spoilers

30:01 to 42:00 – We review World War Z & This Is The End. No real spoilers

42:01 to 47:00 – Discussion on the Uncharted Movie and why it won’t get made just yet

47:01 – 49:30 – Tech Discussion of the latest from Xbox and PS3.

49:31 to 54:00 – Comics I Copped

54:01 to END – Netflix Pic Of The Week and Outro


How would you survive and what crimes would you commit during The Purge?

What drug from what movie, comic, or novel would you like to try?

Can you come up with any more names with X for Brad Pitt’s new child?