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REVIEW: Hercules DJControl JogVision

Jog Vision

New York, NY – September 12th, 2015 – The Hercules DJControl Jogvision has launched in the European market at the BPM 2015 show, in Birmigham, UK. The attendees of Müsik Messe in Frankfurt were given the first preview of the amazing capabilities of the controller, but now the DJControl Jogvision is available on the BPM 2015 show for attendees to enjoy and purchase.

The DJControl Jogvision is a 2-deck mobile DJ controller weighing only 5.5 pounds with an amazing 5.9-inch-diameter jog-wheels, which include LED displays to guide the precision of any scratching movement. Its revolutionary and ergonomic design makes precision scratching accessible to all DJs with the same comfort and ease as 2 CDJ platters, but within a much more portable piece of technology. The DJControl Jogvision uses Serato DJ and Serato DJ Intro.

I was sent the new DJControl Jogvision to review for FanBros and while I know that Tatiana normally handles the tech on the show I figured that this was more up my alley so I happily dove into the box and spent most of yesterday trying out the controller.
My initial hating of most controllers and CDJ’s in general quickly gave way to an appreciation for the work that Hercules has put into this particular controller. It’s a plug and play with Serato DJ so you can plug in the USB cable and immediately get to rocking. The feel of the decks themselves are really nice, comparable to any CDJ that is on the market now and I could get off a bunch of different scratch techniques without much trouble at all. The fader is also very smooth right out of the box and within minutes I was cutting away like I had two turntables and a mixer.
Some of the features that are built into the JogVision controller are absolutely amazing and will be a big selling point for this particular controller with the one that has every ones attention being the Air Control feature, which allows a user to control the effects with a wave of their hand.
This sounds like magic but the engineers at Hercules have developed a proprietary system that uses infared beams to recognize your hand movements above the controller and with a wave of your hand you can engage Low Filters, Rolls, and other effects. Now one thing I have to say is I hope that they allow the use of all of the Serato effects with the Air Control in future firmware updates. Right now you can only use the Low Filter and with the latest update some nice variations on it, but I’m sure that in the future the updates will allow you to use all of the effects.

Other effects that can be used from the controller can be activated with a knob that controls either one effect or three at once using the multi effect switch in the Serato software itself. This is quite nice and with the Air Control you can get some pretty ill combos going with your effects.
The latest firmware update also adds color matching to the control pads (there are four on each side and you can switch between sample banks or cue points with a touch of a button) so that your pads light up to match the colors of your cue points for full integration and a nice effect when you’re banging on the pads to create drum patterns or sample drops. Plus the pads have a great feel to them right out of the box so you’ll love using them as much as you already love your Dicers or whatever you’ve been using.


So to sum it up, the Jog Vision is a great controller with an even better price point with a lot of value in the fact that the firmware updates will add new features and abilities long after you first purchased the product. If you are in the market for a controller and don’t want to break the bank then this is something you should definitely check out. While I’m a big fan of two turntables and a mixer I will definitely be taking the JogVision out for gigs when I can’t lug around all of that equipment but I still want to be able to get busy.