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Alias Investigations is Open For Business in Jessica Jones Season Two Trailer!

With all of the trailers, announcements, and actual movie releases over the last week, Netflix gives us one more with a look at Jessica Jones. Alias Investigations may have received a shiny paint job at the end of season one, but times haven’t gotten any easier for the perennially pickled private eye. After executing Kilgrave (David Tennant) in public, Jessica (Krysten Ritter) is seen as naught more than a super-powered murderer, to top it all off there are these pesky flashbacks to contend with.

Jessica Jones season two aims to look farther into Jessica’s past than before. This time we delve into the origin of her abilities in connection with incidents leading to her parents’ deaths. Jessica would rather drown her sorrows, but soon learns that another with abilities similar to her own is on a murder spree throughout the city. In keeping with the theme of “eliminating the competition,” Jessica also faces pressure from what appears to be a rival agency looking to purchase Alias Investigations, by hostile takeover if necessary. Jessica won’t be alone, Rachael Taylor is back as Trish Walker, and seems ready to fully commit as a sidekick. We may even see a version of the Hellcat costume!

With all the survival and none of the guilt, Netflix’ Jessica Jones season two premieres on the streaming network on International Women’s Day, March 8th. Additional cast members include Eka Darville, (The Originals, EmpireCarrie Anne-Moss, (The Matrix, Models, Inc.Rebecca DeMornay, (Risky Business, The Hand That Rocks the CradleJ.R. Ramirez, (Power, ArrowNichole Yannetty, (Younger, The DefendersEden Marryshow, (Bruce!!!, The Blacklist) and Janet McTeer (Damages, The Woman in Black)

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