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Into the Badlands: Wolf’s Breath, Dragon’s Fire (SEASON FINALE RECAP)

Season 2 of “Into the Badlands” ended with a BANG! In Wolf’s Breath, Dragon’s Fire, the stakes raised throughout the season finally reached their, bloody peak during the finale. Many of the show’s twisty plotlines came to a resolution while others continue onward through the fog, leaving viewers with a few cliffhangers that’s sure to carry well into Season 3. This episode had me on the edge of my seat the ENTIRE time.

The strength and resilience of the female protagonists was on full display during the finale. Lydia came out guns slinging during this episode. She did everything she could to stop Quinn and his clippers, by trying convince them that the underground embankment was essentially a death trap lined with explosions set up by the Baron. Unfortunately her speech fell on deaf ears and she was escorted outside by some of Quinn’s men and ordered to death by the Baron. While outside, they made her dig her own grave. I thought, “This is it. It was good while it lasted, Lydia.” Lydia used the shovel she was digging with and killed one of the clippers! You go girl! Being chased by the other clipper, she tries to figure out how she will escape from his grasp and in walks Sunny. Could he be any more punctual? His A & L is on POINT. He kills the clipper and hands Lydia one of his knives and wishes her well on her journey going forward. Unbeknownst to me, Tilda survived. She’s alive, she’s ALIVE! She wakes up from her slumber with a focus: finding MK and Sunny in order to defeat the Widow. Odessa manages to get both her and Baijie out from behind bars and drive to find Sunny. If they’re going to defeat the Widow, they’re going to need his help. All of these characters can fight as well if not better than their male counterparts. They don’t seek validation from men and none of them are damsels in distress. These women possess great cunning, outsmarting their foes which we’ve seen throughout the series. They truly defend themselves and the ones they love by any means necessary.

There are no damsels in distress in this episode and even if you consider Veil as one, she doesn’t fully fit the prototype. She was in a situation where she and Henry needed to be rescued from the hands of Quinn. However, she did whatever she could to get out on her own. At the end of this episode, she makes the ultimate sacrifice, piercing herself to kill Quinn once and for all. This was a really somber moment. In my heart of hearts, I suspected that the newly reunited family wasn’t going to make out together. That would simply be too happy of an ending so the showrunners had to sprinkle a little throwback Disney on it and sacrifice one of Henry’s parents. Moreover, a few episodes back there was some foreshadowing about her death during the wedding ceremony between her and Quinn. She and Henry were robed in different colors signifying their future disunity. Although I saw this steadily approaching, I didn’t truly want this to occur. I loved seeing this biracial family on screen! I was here for it! And now, my boy Sunny is a single father. How is he going to manage raising a kid, kicking tail while searching for the lost lands of Azra? Time will tell but it does make for an intriguing storyline.

The finale painted the Widow as the true antagonist of the series. During this episode, she and MK talk about the book that was formerly in his possession. She reveals to him that she plans to hold him hostage until he caves in to what she wants. Ultimately she wants them both to retrieve their powers back; she is convinced that the secret to regaining it lies within the book. The only person she knows who is capable of translating what the book says is Baijie who she also is holding hostage. She tries to convince MK that Baijie isn’t all that he has ulterior motives and that he is not to be trusted but MK refuses to believe her. However, I think there is some validity to her reasoning. After helping Sunny defeat Quinn’s forces, he manages to escape and rides Sunny’s motorcycle to a tower. Inside the tower, a wounded Baijie attaches the book and compass to a machine and turns it on. From the noises the machine was making it appears that the machine was sending signals to something or somewhere. The camera widely pans outside and I couldn’t help but wonder if the machine was signaling to an underwater city perhaps, a city that would emerge out of the water. It could also be an SOS signal but what I do know for certain is that Baijie knows a lot more about Azra, the book and the compass than he is letting on. All season long he has simply made the most out of every opportunity he had drawing him closer to his ultimate goal.

The second season ends in a similar fashion as the first season in a fierce battle between Sunny and Quinn; only the stakes the second time around are much higher. All roads led to this masterfully choreographed tete-a-tete and it was popcorn-worthy. I couldn’t help but shake my head when Quinn stood up and grabbed Veil after being struck by Sunny’s sword several times and being tossed against a beam. How did he manage to gather enough strength after such a fatal attack? Sunny apparently didn’t learn from the first time they faced each other. He should’ve made confirmed that the man was truly dead, deliver the final death stroke. I felt like a barbarian voyeur at a Roman amphitheater yelling from the sidelines “Off with his head! Off with his head!” Sunny and Baijie literally decimated and decapitated Quinn’s entire army. As the kids say these days, it was SAVAGE! Why couldn’t Sunny come through this time around especially against a man who literally told you he adopted your son as his own? Man, I would’ve made sure, wounded and all, that Quinn couldn’t resurrect from the dead again.
It’s an official wrap on season 2 but don’t fret, AMC has renewed the series for a third season with an episode expansion of 16 episodes- hooray! What are your predictions for season 3? My predictions are that Sunny with Henry in tow will cross paths with Lydia again. She will join them on their journey. Tilda will recuperate and plot to take down the Widow along with Odessa. There may be a love triangle of some sort between Tilda, MK and Odessa as Odessa still doesn’t believe MK is a good person. We will learn more about Baijie’s backstory and his motives for wanting to find Azra. New barons in the Badlands will rise up and I’ve got my fingers crossed that Waldo will become one.

Wolf's Breath, Dragon's Fire

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