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Intelligent Life Says We’re All A Little Bit Geeky


The stereotype of the nerdy kid sitting alone in the corner obsessing over a fandom isn’t really valid anymore. Geek culture has become pervasive throughout pop culture. The success of blockbuster superhero movies make formerly unconventional comic book and sci-fi/fantasy fascination increasingly mainstream. David Reddick’s new daily comic strip, Intelligent Life, exploits the cultural trend.

Intelligent Life’s goal is to celebrate “the geek in all of us.” The comic strip includes four main protagonists: Skip, Mike, Gwen, and Barry. Each character has a geeky obsession of their own. Skip is “traditionally” geeky, interested in sci-fi, comics, and video games–though he maintains a healthy social balance. Mike–Skip’s best friend– is similar to Skip except that he’s a super fan. Gwen–notably a black female— blogs and geeks out over everything social media. She is also Skip’s potential love interest. Barry is a total sports nerd, obsessed with stats, playoffs and fantasy leagues. The characters don’t appear to run the spectrum–especially considering that all but one are white males—but I’m curious to see how it will progress as the strip continues.

The interesting thing about Intelligent Life is that it will be fandom interactive, using social media to directly engage fans. By checking out the TwitterFacebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages you can find out more about each character.

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Following in the footsteps of The Big Bang Theory, The Wil Wheaton Project and Nerdist, creator David Reddick draws from his own experiences to bring his new comic strip to life. Reddick is a self proclaimed geek who formerly worked on the Star Trek comic, The Trek Life and related projects: Gene’s Journal and Rod & Barry. He has worked in the comic industry for almost twenty years and is the current Digital and Social Media coordinator for Garfield.

Intelligent Life aspires to be relatable to everyone through the geek culture lens. Miriam-Webster offers the broad definition of geek as “a person who is very interested in and knows a lot about a particular field or activity.” It’s true that we all have a passion for something; but can we all really see ourselves in Intelligent Life? The first two strips have debuted online already and it will launch in newspapers this Sunday, July 13th. What do you think?