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Insecure Season 2, Ep. 1 Premiere: “Hella Great” Recap

Insecure Season 2 Ep.1 – Recap

The critically acclaimed comedy on HBO has returned triumphantly. At the end of last season, the Internet was split in loyalty to either Team Lawrence or Team Issa. Personally, I was on Team Lawrence! I’m all about girl power and women standing together in unity but she was all the way wrong for what she did. Lawrence is a good man! She doesn’t deserve him! But anyhow, I digress…

The season 2 premiere kicks off with the show’s protagonists, Issa and Lawrence. They appear to be on a date somewhere. Lawrence tells her that he understands why she did what she did and that he wanted to get back together. Upon hearing this, Issa is nothing short of giddy but soon she realizes that it was a fantasy and in reality, she was on a first date from a dating app she subscribed to. The scene cuts to a series of dates she goes on but clearly her head nor her heart were into it. Moreover, she is now experiencing what her bestie experienced last season up close and personal: the dating scene in LA. I cannot wait to see what shenanigans these two will get into this season.

During this episode, we see Molly shift her attention from seeking men to seeking therapists. She follows up on Issa’s advice from last season and starts going for therapy. However, just like she was unable to lock down an official bae last season, she has difficulty finding the right shrink. Will Molly be able to finally open up and get the help that she needs? Lord, I sure hope so because she is a great girl who any man would be lucky to have!

At work, Molly mistakenly receives another employee’s paycheck. She realizes that her colleague, a white man, gets paid more! They both started working at the firm at the same time but she works harder than he does. Upset, she spills the tea about the situation to the squad during Issa’s winedown.  Meanwhile, Issa and Frieda have been assigned to a new high school by their employer, “We Got Y’All.” Riding on the high of their success with the middle school students last season, they optimistically approach this new and greater challenge. They try their best to recruit new students to their after-school program but none of them express interest. Instead, they got played by the kids! Two kids walk in the library where the program was set up. Issa and Frieda prepared a nice spread of snacks (“Habanero Oreos?” though! Are those real?) They appear to be interested in their program but little did the girls know that the kids were simply acting as decoys for their friends to sneak in and steal their snacks. The scene ends with Issa saying to Frieda, “Sometimes you just have to know when to give up.” Seems like sound advice that Issa may need to take later this season in more than one way. *COUGH* Lawrence!

Picking up from last season, Lawrence is still with ol’ girl Tasha from the bank having weekend rendezvous at her house. We are seeing a WHOLE lot of Lawrence this season and I’m not mad! Jay Ellis is easy like Sunday morning on these eyes! The show’s take on shooting the more explicit scenes is both novel and fresh. We are so used to seeing the naked female form in media but this show particularly has been quite vocal on flipping the script. During this episode, we discover that he is also still living with his buddy Chad. Chad challenges him about his situationship with Tasha. Being a veteran playboy himself, he gives props to Lawrence for what he is doing but he also challenges him about him never taking Tasha out. In an earlier scene, Tasha asks if he can come over during the workweek and Lawrence turns it down saying he was only available after work on Friday. By asking if he had free time during the work week, she indirectly sends a message to him that she wants to be more than a weekend hookup. Upon Chad’s advice, Lawrence takes Tasha out to have dinner. Like last season, the two get along well however when the topic of him having to pick up some mail from his old crib comes up, he dances around the fact that he doesn’t want to go there because he doesn’t want to bump into Issa.

In the meanwhile, Issa receives a jury duty notice for Lawrence and develops an elaborate plan to get him to pick it up. She plans a wine-down where everyone invited has to bring a single friend and a cheap bottle of wine. It happens to be the same day when she contacts him to come and pick up his mail. One of the fantastic things about this sitcom are Issa’s soliloquies and she brilliantly does several of them during this episode. As she is getting ready for the party, she tries on different outfits and talks to herself in the mirror as if she is trying to seduce Lawrence. Somehow his jury duty notice becomes a prop in her routine and it is beyond hysterical. During the party, she frequently checks her phone to see if he replied to her text. He eventually does and says he cannot make it and asks if she can mail it to him. Disappointed, she walks out of her party and Molly follows shortly behind. Issa finally admits to Molly that she wants to be back together with Lawrence as if Molly didn’t already see that one coming!

Issa finally comes to terms with Lawrence not coming over. The doorbell rings and surprise! It’s Lawrence! Their interaction begins awkwardly and seems a bit brief considering what transpired between them. As Lawrence leaves with some of his belongings, they both look longingly into one another’s eyes and then, BAM! They smash! My mouth dropped! It was out of LEFT FIELD! Afterwards, he tells her that he has to go and kisses her on the cheek and bounces. This is NOT the Lawrence I was rooting for last season. New season, who dis? Issa sits on the couch (or shall I say, ‘bouch’?) with a smirk; her hope for their reconciliation skyrockets.

Will Lawrence and Issa get back together this season? Will they at least talk about what happened? All I know is that my allegiance to Team Lawrence is shifting. I think I’ll be Team Molly this season because she is the only one actually taking time to take care of herself.

Which team are you on? Let me know your thoughts about the season premiere in the comments! Check out FanBros.com for more recaps on your favorite shows!