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I Know What You Did in Riverdale: S2, EP 3 “The Watcher in the Woods” (RECAP)

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The Black Hood speaks as Riverdale realizes  a serial killer is on the loose. His presence shoots paranoia throughout the town.

In a manifesto, he admits killing Ms. Grundy and shooting Fred Andrews. He deems the residents of Riverdale hypocrites needing redemption. His latest menace leaves footballer Moose shot multiple times.

Confirming Archie’s suspicions, he forms “The Red Circle,” a teen-led militia. Despite promising to only defend, Archie keeps the gun he purchased.

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Across town Jughead gets acquainted with his new school. A cross between East Side High and Dangerous Minds, he avoids pledging allegiance to either gang: the Serpents and rival Ghoulies.

Despite his best efforts, Jughead aligns with the Serpents after an encounter with the Ghoulies. In addition to picking a gang, we see a possible love triangle form when Betty meets Jug’s gal pal Toni.

Veronica fights for truth from her parents. The youngest Lodge hates how Hiram works behind closed doors. She even invites Archie over for dinner as an assist in her mission.

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Unfortunately, Veronica’s barred from whatever it is Hiram does when he’s alone. But she isn’t out for the count as she requests to be more involved in the Lodge’s business endeavors. It may come in handy as Hiram forms some odd alliance with Archie behind closed doors.

Kevin and Betty disagree over his dating methods. Being gay in Riverdale, Kevin must cruise for hookups. Betty worries about this practice, especially with a crazed killer on the loose.

But her worrying comes off more as homophobic shaming. Kevin reminds Betty he isn’t granted the same privileges to date openly as she is. This puts a strain on their relationship.

Another episode down as next week’s previews promise more on the Black Hood’s motives. Be sure to catch all previous episode recaps here on FanBros.com!