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Art Imitates Life: House of Cards – S5, Ep 13 (RECAP)

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NETFLIX: House of Cards – S5, Ep 13 (RECAP)

There’s a leak in this old building, and the souls of the Underwoods have got to move. As pressure mounts, desperation begets drastic measures. But like coals into diamonds, the Underwoods find a way to shine through the muck and mar.

A leak in the administration has Frank and Claire questioning everyone. Paranoia brings extra surveillance of staff; trusted allies become friendly foes. They begin to doubt each other as rumors swirl and the investigative committee hearings continue.

Our corrupt couple cleans house. Tom Yates is asked to leave, doing so begrudgingly. Doug discovers Seth is behind the donor investigation going public. He comes clean to Laura Moretti only to learn she knew along. Lastly, Catherine Durant relinquishes loyalty from Frank and agrees to testify. She suffers a debilitating fall the of – with Frank as the only witness.

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Durant’s injury time for the Senate to decide Frank’s fate, but according to Mark Usher no support remains. This has all been the work of Jane Davis, the abominable force pulling everyone’s strings since she arranged her initial meeting with Claire.

To make matters worse, Claire discovers Tom Yates finished his book, composed of their inner most, darkest secrets. Frank is outraged. Claire promises to handle the situation and does, permanently. In an OMG moment of the season, Claire commits her first murder.

With no other options and people linking Frank to Zoe Barnes’ death – our president finally agrees to testify in front of the committee. In grand fashion Frank diverts attention with more chaos – he announces his resignation.

A plot Frank conjured with Doug months ago, envisioning a power greater than the White House. He and Doug conspired the leaks to the Washington Herald. All a farce to keep Claire in line for POTUS, and wins in the Underwood column. To evade the Barnes mess, Doug implicates himself as the killer. A roundabout way of penance for Rachel’s murder. Soon Claire will pardon both him and Frank. The perfect plan; but, best laid plans go awry.

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As a new Underwood takes over, she seeks a new cabinet. Doug and Seth are out – obviously – as LeAnn and Sean take their place. But Davis’ promise to LeAnn falls flat as she’s excused again. Irate, LeAnn seeks revenge but is brutally driven into the interstate shoulder by an unidentified SUV.

Claire captures Ahmadi bringing a sense of peace and calm back to the country. In this address of victory, she’s to announce Frank’s pardon. But advisement from Usher and Davis, along with her own personal goals of being POTUS, prevent this. The season closes with her looking dead in the camera, stating “My turn.”

Season five possessed the normal twists and turns House of Cards always packs. Jane Davis was my favorite addition. She’s the big bad neither Underwood expected. And I never loved to hate the Underwoods more. Season four really wanted viewers to empathize with them; but, this season reaffirmed their viciousness. Regardless, I’m 100% here for Claire’s administration. Will she remain loyal to Frank, or seek the companionship power will provide? Is LeAnn dead? Will Davis become a larger wedge/threat to the Underwood union? All these questions and more need answered in the next season.

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