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HNIC: By Albert “Prodigy” Johnson & Steve Savile (CONTEST & BOOK REVIEW)

HNIC (Book Review)


This is a book review of Prodigy of Mobb Deep new novella HNIC. Read on after the jump for a chance to win a signed copy of the book from Prodigy.

The artist known as Prodigy doesn’t stray far from his roots as one half of the seminal Hip-Hop group Mobb Deep with his first novella, HNIC. The book follows the exploits of Pap, a young man looking to get out of the hood and out from under the influence of his childhood friend Black. Pap and Black have done numerous petty crimes together but Black’s recklessness and savagery have started to drive them apart. Pap wants to start a new life and follow his dreams of becoming a computer programmer before his life of crime leads him to three hots and a cot for life, but Black has other plans for his childhood friend. Black believes that Pap owes him one last job but will this last job be the one that finishes their friendship forever?


HNIC is the kind of tale that keeps you interested as it doesn’t waste time with a lot of exposition or giving a detailed origin for the characters. Instead the characters are developed as the story continues, with motivations changing as the characters get wrapped up further in the plot.
Much like a Donald Goines novel this is the kind of street story that could happen in any hood and that allows the story to remain relevant to the individual reader. Prodigy delivers a gripping tale with his first book and I’m looking forward to seeing what the fledging author does when he tackles a longer format story, one that allows him the space and time to develop his characters and story a bit more.
Overall I’d say this is an enjoyable summer read, something you can get through during a day at the beach and full of the vivid storytelling details that have always been a hallmark of Prodigy’s audio escapades.



The rules of this contest are quite simple, simply tell us your favorite moment from the Prodigy interview and what made it make it on to your personal list. Include some details about the moment, if you thought his alien invasion story was the best then tell us what colors the aliens were that he saw. Hopefully you were paying attention to the interview, if not get brushed up on it here. We have THREE SIGNED COPIES of the book to giveaway, so we will choose the best entries the ones we get. The contest will end on Tuesday July 30th at 8 am. Leave your entry in the comments section below.