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The Godzilla Sucks? Episode Feat. Mack Wilds (FBS)


Godzilla Sucks


Godzilla Sucks? Well that’s what at least ninety percent of the Internets would have you believe right now. But we at FanBros would never run into the street screaming Godzilla Sucks when the trailer looks as awesome as it does. The FanBros also break down a few other movie trailers that dropped recently, some tech news, and the recent signing of Jason Momoa to the new Superman Vs Batman movie in this weeks edition of the The Week In Bleek™. To top it off we interview the Grammy nominated Mack Wilds on his album New York: A Love Story, his obsession with Manga, Anime, and how it feels to be a part of one of the greatest genre television series of all time. The Wire > Breaking Bad. Tune in for the latest episode of FanBrosShow and let’s all pray that Godzilla Sucks doesn’t become the hashtag next year.

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