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Gaming News Roundup – Sept 4: Bethesda Creation Club, No More Heroes Switch, Dead Rising 4

Gaming News Roundup – Sept 4

No More Heroes Comes To Switch

It looks like the Switch is getting more third party support than Nintendo’s last time around with the Wii U, which many, including I, doubted. In this case, the Switch is getting an exclusive sequel to 2007 cult classic No More Heroes. Here’s a short synopsis:

“Seven years after the events of No More Heroes, The Bad has returned to exact his revenge on Travis Touchdown for the murder of his daughter, Bad Girl.
But just as the battle begins, the two men are inhaled by a phantom game console called the Death Drive Mark II. Just like the original game, the only way out is to battle through multiple punk-rock levels to clear all six games and their respective over-the-top bosses.”

You can check the trailer out here.


Sonic Forces Release Date And Pre-Order Bonuses

Sonic Forces is expected to be a quality adaptation of the long-running series and fans have been waiting on a release date since its announcement in March. We’ve learned that the title will be available November 7th, along with a number of bonuses for those that pre-order. The costumes here are pretty great, I for one am glad to see that Sega hasn’t forgotten about Jet Set Radio, but the Persona 5 outfit is getting the Twitter meme treatment. You can pre-order the bonus edition for just $40.


Dead Rising 4 Coming To PS4

After initially being released exclusively for Xbox and PC December last year, it looks like Dead Rising 4 going to be making its way to PlayStation 4. Dead Rising 4 hasn’t been the most well received of the series, but will this jump to the left out platform rejuvenate the fans of the series? The answer is no. It can’t hurt to do it though. The version they’re getting is also a sort of Complete edition, it includes all the DLC so far and a new game mode called Capcom Heroes where Frank can dress as all sorts of iconic Capcom characters. You can check out the trailer for Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package (HA! IT’S A JOKE ABOUT HIS GENITALIA! SO CLEVER!) here.


Bethesda’s Creation Club Is Here (It’s Also BS)

So as announced at E3, Bethesda has launched their beta for Creation Club. To many, this was an odd thing to do after their previously failed attempt at paid mods, which is essentially what Creation Club is, paid mods. When you suddenly begin charging for something that has been free for so long and is still free for other games, it won’t go over well. This case is especially egregious due to the fact that quite a few, if not all, of the mods available to purchase were already available for free prior to the implementation of the Creation Club and by most accounts, look much better. The Creation Club was marketed as “mini-DLCs” for the player, but has turned out to feature pretty unsubstantial content. What makes it worse and more annoying is that you can’t just go pay for the mod you want, they’ve implemented a credits system so you have to buy a set amount of credits and then go buy your mod. Example, you can’t just buy the horse armor in the picture above, it’s 250 credits, the lowest option for purchasing credits is 750 credits for $7.99. If all you want is the horse armor, you’re paying $7.99 for that horse armor, that’s a steal, right? From my point of view, just go for the free mods, this Creation Club BS is just ridiculous.


Switch Is The New Place To Go For Indies

This week Nintendo had their indie showcase, showing us indie games of all kinds of varieties that are coming to the Switch, which will be perfect for it. A lot of what they showed was very interesting, even showing us a new Super Meat Boy game, Super Meat Boy Forever, which looks great. If you love indies, it looks like the Switch will be a great place to get them. You can watch the showcase here to see what else was shown.


That’s the news for this week! You excited to see Nintendo appreciating indies? Excited to see No More Heroes coming back? Let us know below. If you missed last week’s roundup, you can catch up here. Be sure to come back to Fanbros for another roundup and for all things geek.