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Gaming News Roundup – Oct 2: New Battlefront 2 Info, Ataribox Price, Red Dead 2’s New Trailer

Gaming News Roundup – Oct 2

South Park Goes A Little Too Far

Just recently South Park: The Fractured But Whole went gold, meaning the game’s all finished and is shipping out to retailers. With this news, they unveiled a new trailer in which there was a reference to the well-known “gay fish” episode. In said episode, the gang starts telling a joke around town about how liking fish sticks (fish dicks) makes you a gay fish. South Park Kanye didn’t understand the joke and therefore took it literally and became the “gay fish” by dressing in all green fish scales and a gold chain and diving into the sea. With that information, the new trailer features a green, gold chain wearing fish trying to get his mother into heaven. There was also a game that Kanye was making called “Only One” that seemed to feature the same concept. So while they’re parodying the death of Kanye’s mother, Donda West, they also seem to have given her a sort of blackface design. Blackface of course being colored all black with contrasting and exaggerated red or white lips. The gay fish character is green, I’m not sure why they thought this was a good idea. Anyway, I’m not buying this, especially due to the fact that his mother’s death had such a negative effect on Kanye’s mental health. You can see the trailer here though.


Shadow Of War Memorial DLC Is Now Free

In lighter news, the team working on Middle Earth: Shadow Of War has decided to make the memorial Forthog DLC free. After the big controversy surrounding this DLC and how unethical it would have been to only have the DLC’s profits go to the family if you were in certain states as opposed to everywhere in the world, it’s good to see a studio and publisher right their wrongs. In replacement of the former method of donating to the family, they’ve already donated to the family and have set up a way for everyone else to do so on youcaring. A member of the WB team also made a post clearing up the situation and the misunderstandings that happened. Thank you, WB, for fixing this.


Red Dead Redemption 2’s New Trailer

After such a long time hearing nothing about the new Red Dead 2, Rockstar has released a trailer and it tells us a whole lot about the story. In the trailer, you’ll be seeing the new protagonist, Arthur Morgan, interacting/threatening the townsfolk and some amazing and beautiful scenery of the old west along with a couple returning characters. It’s also shown that you will in fact be running with John Marston’s old gang. This all looks amazing, but my only gripe is how boring and bland the new protagonist looks.

Middle aged white guy, no defining features.

He just looks very normal. John had scars, a beard, and more grown out hair, even though he was the protagonist, he looked evil or at least like the antihero he was. Maybe they’ll redesign this new guy, but if not, at least the game looks like it’ll be much more memorable than Arthur’s face. You can check out the new trailer here.


New Details On The Ataribox

We still don’t know too much about the Ataribox besides that it’ll release with pre-installed old Atari games. Atari has stated that it’ll also be able to play newer stuff, but they haven’t really revealed any specs that will give us a better understanding of its capabilities. Besides that though, Atari has revealed an IndieGoGo campaign to fund it, perhaps to measure the demand and help with its development. They also announced that it’ll be priced at about $249-$299 and it’ll be released late Spring 2018. The price is a bit steep, especially if you include the fact that we still know very little about what it does, but hopefully they change that as we get closer to the end of the year. You can read the full newsletter straight from Atari here.


Battlefront 2 Gives Us A Wealth Of New Info

For those that are waiting in anticipation of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2, you will be excited to see all the new info in the new trailer. This new trailer, narrated by John Boyega, teaches us about classes, weapon customization, and the multiplayer modes you’ll be able to choose from. The game looks beautiful, but I hope it doesn’t turn out like the first one. You can see the trailer here. They also just released a scene from the single player story, showcasing the amazing voice acting and cinematography. We also get to meet the protagonist, Iden Versio, commander of the Inferno Squad, which is fitting because this game looks fire. Also note that the story takes place after Episode VI, when the Emperor dies. Check that out here.


The Voice Actors Strike Is Over

The voice actors strike has had a pretty big impact on gaming as a bunch of memorable voices refused to continue working under their previous conditions. This lasted 11 months and is why we haven’t heard quite a few famous voices reprising their roles, like Ashly Burch who didn’t return to play Chloe in the Life Is Strange prequel. The actors and actresses have managed to make an agreement with popular game companies like EA and Activision.

The deal goes:

  • A new bonus structure that “provides an additional payment to performers.”
  • This payment is determined by the number of recording sessions an actor worked.
  • Starts at $75 payment for the first session and runs up to $2100 after 10 sessions.

President of SAG-AFTRA Gabrielle Carteris said, “This is an important advance in this critical industry space. We secured a number of gains including for the first time, a secondary payment structure which was one of the members’ key concerns.”

I’m glad that a deal was met, this is a great win for gaming and those who seek to pursue voice acting.


Ain’t Nobody Prayin’ For You In Evil Within 2

A new and pretty terrifying trailer for The Evil Within 2 has just released, showing us a new antagonist to be afraid of. His named is Father Theodore and he seems to want to cleanse the world of sin through burning everything impure. He looks interesting, I usually love religious references in horror, so this is great for me. The trailer is also very well made, you can check it out here.


Assassin’s Creed: Origins Will Offer An Educational Mode

Besides the new take on the Assassin’s Creed series, players will be given the option of a combat-free and educational mode that will teach you about ancient Egypt. In this mode, you can free-roam around Egypt just learning about everything without any storyline or time constraints. This is an awesome mode and very appropriate of Ubisoft to add seeing how much fans love going back into these historic settings. Sadly, it’ll be an update next year, so it won’t be available upon release, but major props for this added mode.


Harley Quinn Makes Her Telltale Debut

The new Telltale Batman series is blowing away fans of Batman and gamers alike with its unique take on the universe. The first episode of this second season was fantastic, it looks like this episode, being released tomorrow, will be no different. It looks like Harley Quinn and John Doe will be the focus of this episode, with Amanda Waller overseeing everything, making it even more tense. We also get to see a peek at another character making their debut towards the end of the trailer. You can see the trailer here and if you wanted to get an extended look at a Harley scene, you can check it out here.


That’s the news for this week, a ton of stuff compared to last week. Excited to get into the next episode of Batman: Enemy Within? Want to get your hands on Battlefront 2 as soon as humanly possible? Let us know below! Did you miss last week’s roundup? Get caught up by clicking here. Had a lot of fun talking about 2K’s garbage microtransactions in that one. Be sure to come back next week for another gaming news roundup!