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Gaming News Roundup – Nov 6: Paris Games Week, Dauntless Loot Boxes

Gaming News Roundup – Nov 6

Was The Last Of Us Part II Trailer Too Violent?

Paris Games Week happened this week, and with it, PlayStation hit us with a few trailers for games we’re looking forward to it. One of them, and probably the most hyped and discussed one, was the trailer for the upcoming Last Of Us Part II. The trailer features some hints about what’s going on in the story and a peek at the enemies we’ll be facing, human and infected. It looks to possibly have some cult-ish themes and some very painful to watch violence. The violence shown in the trailer is what has been in discussion since the trailer was shown. Many people feel like the trailer misses the point of why people enjoyed the first Last Of Us, the story. Sony seems to have gone for shock violence instead of giving us more info on Joel and Ellie. Honestly, I see why some people may think that with, especially at the bit where a man is beating a woman’s arm with a hammer, which was hard to watch. Still besides that, the game’s graphics are incredible if what we’re seeing is in-engine. You can check out this trailer below


Detroit: Become Human Has Some Pretty Dark Choices

Feeling pretty happy lately? You can change that by watching the new trailer for Detroit: Become Human. As with all Quantic Dream games and David Cage directed games, it features plenty of ways for each scene to play out, and with the fact that there are no “Game Over” screens, you’ll have to live with your decisions. This particular trailer features a point in the game where you’re playing as an android named Kara, being re-introduced into what seems to be a motherless, broken home after being rebooted. This part attempts to handle the very sensitive subject of child abuse and you, the player, either letting it happen or exploring the various paths to prevent it. By letting it happen, it appears that the chapter ends in the father killing the daughter, Alice. This subject matter will definitely rub some people the wrong way, but this is what the director, David Cage, is known for: really grim stories with really grim scenes.  You can see this trailer here.

Along with the trailer came gameplay showing of a hostage negotiation scene in the game. It shows us what the gameplay will look like (the same as any other Quantic Dream game) and more story elements, like androids going rogue. It goes to show how tense this game is going to get, especially knowing there are no retries and what you do and say can end any number of ways. Check that gameplay below:


A New Trailer For Insomniac’s Spider-Man Game

We got a new teaser for the upcoming Spider-Man adaptation from Insomniac Games this week, showing us some really well done cutscenes. I’ve always had an issue with how Spider-Man games look, there’s always been some weird feeling of emptiness in them. Not sure what it was. This time around, I’m glad to say that this new adaptation looks fantastic. I mean, you can’t tell it’s Spider-Man unless Spidey is on the screen, but the game looks nice enough. Hopefully we get to see more gameplay in the future. You can see this trailer here.


Other PGW Reveals

Other reveals from PGW include an entirely new game from SuckerPunch, the developers of inFamous. It’s called Ghost of Tsushima and it appears to be an action stealth adventure game set in the samurai era of Japan. I love any media in this era, I can’t wait to see more about this. Trailer here.

A very artsy indie game with a great art style was also revealed, entitled Concrete Genie. As a young artist, the player can create living scenes and creatures that help you interact with the world, opening new paths to get around and such. There also appears to be real life situations where the player has to fight off bullies. You can see the trailer for this below:

Other things include:

  • Spelunky 2 coming to PS4 2018.
  • Guacamelee 2 announced. (The first one was great, check it out if you haven’t.)
  • LocoRoco 2 getting a remaster on PS4.
  • Shadow of the Colossus gets a release date of February 6, 2018.


Dauntless Rids Itself Of Loot Boxes

For this last spot, I wanted to highlight the recent actions of Pheonix Labs of taking loot boxes out of their free-to-play game, Dauntless. Pheonix Labs recently stated that they had originally implemented loot boxes into the game without much thought behind them just because that’s the default form of monetization in free-to-play games. They’re now reliant on hoping that players enjoy the game enough to want to support it via money for the items that the player wants as opposed to paying for a chance to get what they want. This is commendable and will not go unnoticed. For the full article in which this was said, you can read it here. The game will launch into open beta February 2018.


That’s the news for this week. Are you PlayStation fans excited for all the stuff that’s coming up? Have thoughts on the more controversial trailers shown? Let us know below! If you missed last week’s roundup, you can get caught up by clicking here. As always, come back next week for another gaming news roundup. Before then, stay tuned to Fanbros for what we have planned.