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Gaming News Roundup – Nov 13: EA Buys Respawn, TMNT In Injustice 2, Noctis In Tekken 7

Gaming News Roundup – Nov 13

EA Buys Respawn

Fresh off the heels of the shutdown of Visceral, EA has set its sights on the studio behind Titanfall. After publishing both Titanfall games, it’s quite surprising that it did take this long to acquire Respawn, but for somewhere around $450 million Respawn has become an official EA studio. It’s reported that EA is having them develop the next Titanfall game and continue the development of the Star Wars game that Visceral had been working on. The decision makes me a little worrisome about the studio’s future, but at least we’re for sure getting a third Titanfall after the amazing yet ridiculously underrated Titanfall 2. We can also alleviate some stress about how the Star Wars game is being handled since Respawn has handled Titanfall 2 with such grace, even listening to a lot of player feedback and incorporating it into the game. Hopefully this proves to be a great decision for both parties so we can all try to forget the bloodied carcass of Visceral, which EA killed.


Microsoft Wants To Make More Exclusives

In a recent interview with head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, Phil stated that Microsoft plans on creating more of its own games/software. He detailed that Microsoft is planning to open up more studios and acquire studios to create more exclusive titles.

“We need to grow, and I look forward to doing that,” Spencer said. “Our ability to go create content has to be one of our strengths. We haven’t always invested at the same level. We’ve gone through ups and downs in the investment.”

With the Xbox One X recently released, one of the main complaints about it and the Xbox in general is the lack of exclusives to play, so this could be a bit of damage control, but time will tell. I’m confused as to why that hasn’t been the plan this entire time. PlayStation has so many studios working on so many games at the same time while Xbox is just now thinking about it 4 years into this generation? Ridiculous. You can read up on this interview and get more detail about this here.


RIP Miiverse

All the memes and memories of the Miiverse are being buried this week with the news of its shutdown. Nintendo shut it down November 7th, but if you wanted an archive of all the Miiverse posts you made in the time it was running, you can actually request one. If you have requested one, be sure to check your email for a link of all of your beautiful Miiverse posts like the one above.


Harry Potter GO?

Niantic has just recently confirmed that they’ve started working on a Harry Potter GO adaptation. It’s safe to assume it’ll be a lot like Pokémon GO in terms of being an AR game, but this time doing wizard stuff? It’s hard to guess what you’ll be doing in the game since, unlike Pokémon Go, the announcement wasn’t made alongside a trailer or anything, but we do know that it’ll be named Wizards Unite. Hopefully Niantic learned a lot about how to keep up with servers and regular content updates with their last attempt at something like this, but we’ll see when this comes out I suppose.


Final Fantasy’s Noctis Added To Tekken 7 (WHAT?)

HUGE surprise for players of Tekken 7 came late Sunday night with the reveal of Noctis from Final Fantasy XV being introduced as a future DLC character. The trailer shows Noctis on the phone with Tekken character, Lars, being called on to handle some things for him, possibly beating people up? The trailer then goes to footage of Noctis in action, making full use of his variety of weapons that Final Fantasy XV fans are already familiar with. It looks like he’ll be released in a DLC pack along with the Hammerhead garage as an arena. The trailer then ends with Noctis and Lars fishing, because of course it does. This is one of the coolest and most surprising crossovers this year and I’m very excited to see the damage Noctis can do in a Tekken arena. It does make me wonder what other IPs will be included in these games’ universes. You can check out the trailer here and you can expect to start playing as Noctis some time in Spring of 2018.


TMNT In Injustice 2 (Again, WHAT?)

The fighting game community must be going crazy this week with these two absolutely wild reveals. I mean, who was expecting the ninja turtles to appear when they saw that sai get thrown between Enchantress and Atom in the trailer? Many were quick to think Mileena, another Mortal Kombat character, was going to make an appearance. Now this comes with many questions about how this is even going to work. Will they count as one character or will they be four different slots in the select screen? We’ll have to wait and see, though Leonardo does say to Mikey, “We fight as a team”, so make of that what you will. I’m glad Injustice is getting experimental with cameos though. The turtles, Atom, and Enchantress will be available in the Ultimate Edition of the game and in Fighter Pack 3. Atom will be available in early access December 12th and I assume that will only last a week. Also the PC version of Injustice 2 will be available tomorrow, November 14th. You can check out the trailer for the fighter pack here.


That’s the news for this week! It looks like it’s a great time to be in the fighting game community right now with these dope reveals. Are you excited about TMNT being added to Injustice 2? Are you worried about the future of Respawn? Let us know below! If you missed last week’s roundup, you can get caught up here. As always, stay tuned to Fanbros for all things geek and come back next week for another gaming news roundup!