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Gaming News Roundup – May 7: Red Dead 2 Details, God Of War, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Gaming News Roundup – May 7

New Red Dead Trailer

We’re finally getting to see more of Red Dead Redemption 2 after a few months of Rockstar being pretty quiet about it. This new trailer gives us a pretty good look at the gang you’ll be running with and even a shot of the original Red Dead‘s protagonist, John Marston. It also features a bit of the robbery that infamously went wrong in the story. It’s definitely worth a few viewings just to dissect everything that’s going on. You can check out the trailer here, hopefully we get to see more of the game before its release on October 26th. They also posted some beautiful screenshots to go along with the trailer, you can check those out here.

In terms of new details about the actual gameplay, it turns out it’ll be sticking pretty close to the groundwork laid out by the first Red Dead. Dead eye and dueling will be making a return, along with a few new mechanics like new dialogue options which allow you to approach people and situations differently.

It still looks like there won’t be a PC version releasing any time soon.


Harry Potter And The Awful Energy System

A new Harry Potter mobile game is out and you should stay as far away from it as possible. I put this in a roundup a few weeks ago and now that it’s out, I regret giving it any attention. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an awful, disappointing money grab. While you can download the game for free, it uses any and every opportunity to ask you for money to allow you to do simple actions such as talk to quest givers. The game is reliant on an energy system that kills the entire experience when you’re out of energy. You can decide to wait a while and very slowly regain energy and get to play for about 2 minutes or buy a wealth of energy and get to play for about 20 minutes. The system is introduced pretty early on in a very metaphorical fashion, with your character being strangled and the game asking for energy to get you out of it. You get one energy every 4 minutes and to get out of this predicament, you’ll need to sit through 20 minutes of your character being strangled or cough up some real life money.

Did I mention that even simple actions require a multitude of energy gems? Meaning the game will keep you waiting and waiting to do an action and make you wait even more. You can literally listen to a quest giver give you a quest and not have the energy to even do the quest. Imagine Harry getting killed by Voldemort because someone said words to him beforehand. This game is awful.

YouTuber Jim Sterling went even deeper in detail on the game, you can watch that here.


God Of War Breaks Records

God of War is a landmark for the God of War series and now, a record-breaker for the PS4. In just 3 days, the game sold 3.1 million copies, making it the fastest-selling Sony exclusive. Remember not too long ago when studios like Ubisoft and EA were trying to push a narrative that single player games were dead? Remember those same studios trying to push live services and microtransactions because they said it would be more sustainable? It turns out, make a great game and people will buy. God of War has no microtransactions or multiplayer and it’s easily one of the best and most profitable games this year. Congrats to everyone involved!


That’s the news for this week! Pretty light on stories, but we are getting closer and closer to E3, so I wouldn’t be surprised that studios are waiting to unveil a lot of what they’ve been working on until then. Excited by the new Red Dead 2 trailer? Disappointed by the garbage Harry Potter mobile game? Let us know below! In case you missed last week’s roundup, you can click here to get caught up. As always, be sure to come back next week for another gaming news roundup!