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Gaming News Roundup – May 29: Xbox Game Pass is Live, Red Dead Delayed, New Far Cry 5 Info

Gaming News Roundup – May 29

Red Dead Redemption 2 Delayed

I think we all could have predicted this with Rockstar’s track record. I am sad to inform you all that Red Dead Redemption 2 will not be hitting stores Fall this year. It will instead release in the Spring of 2018. Hopefully this is the only delay, but with the announcement of this delay, Rockstar provided new screenshots from the game. You can find them here.


Far Cry 5 New Info

Over the past week, Ubisoft has blessed us with a wealth of new information about the upcoming Farcry game. We’ve learned that the setting for it is going to be in Montana, a very green and mountainous state, perfect for Farcry as that’s basically the series’ MO. It also seems that the main enemy faction is a group of Evangelists, which of course cause a bit of an uproar. This direction is pretty exciting, hopefully we’ll be seeing more soon.

They also released an announcement trailer and a video giving some details.


Nintendo Wants You To Catch These Arms

Another pretty big game is hitting the Switch on June 16th, a fighter titled Arms. For those that have no interest in Tekken or the Street Fighter 2 Switch port, this will be great for you.  Luckily, Nintendo has just released a 22 minute breakdown of the game that you can find here. It’s a really unique take on a fighting game, Nintendo never fails with their creativity.


The Xbox Game Pass Is Live

If you grew up playing games, I’m sure you distinctly remember the struggle of asking your parents to get you the hottest new game or saving up for an eternity to get something to play for the year. Microsoft has recently started a subscription service that offers a plethora of games for $9.99 a month. These aren’t a bunch of shovelware either, these are great games ranging from indie to triple A.

Here’s a list of what’s available right now.

Xbox One

That’s the news for this week, make sure to come back to Fanbros.com next week for another fantastic roundup of gaming news.