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Gaming News Roundup – June 17: Kingdom Hearts Meets Toy Story, Half Life Update, Is ARK Greedy?

Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Shows A Toy Story World

As the wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 gets longer and longer, we’re getting to see more and more of what the game has to offer. We’ve been hit with a new trailer this week showcasing a Toy Story stop in the journey. It looks so gorgeous and the fighting shown in it looks so satisfying, but you’ll have to see it for yourself. You can see the trailer for it here. Peep the toy version of Sora and the gang, the attention to detail is beautiful. It also appears that it may come out in 2018. Keep that in mind just in case it gets delayed again.


Update For Xbox One

A recent update came to the Xbox this week, adding a few pretty cool features. My favorite of which so far is being able to upload pictures as your avi, which will have to be 1080×1080 and has to be appropriate.

Other features include an option to co-stream with 2 other people through their Mixer streaming service and being able to create your own tournaments through the Xbox UI. A pretty cool update I’d say.


DayZ Creator Believes ARK’s Price Increase Is “Greedy”

Recently, the early access title ARK: Survival Evolved doubled its price, totaling at the AAA price of $60, with its release date being revealed to be in August. This of course came with a wealth of criticism and disdain from players who believed the game had not been polished enough to be released at what’s widely consider the full premium price for a game. There was one voice that rose above the others, that voice being DayZ creator Dean Hall, who believes the price increase is “fucking outrageous”.

Maybe they’ll change their mind on this? Of course not, this is the same developer that added DLC to its early access game, making many question their priorities. Let’s just hope that it turns out to be in a much better state than it is currently, and if not, it’ll be another case of an early access title not living up to expectations.


Half Life Gets An Update?

In some strange news, Valve has released a patch for the first Half Life game which released in 1998. Why release a patch for a 19 year old game you may ask, I suppose someone at Valve was bored one day and decided to scroll through old Half Life forums. The patch fixes some crashes issues that the game has apparently been suffering from for 19 years. Some people may read this and think it’s Valve hinting about Half Life 3, which I highly doubt since Valve doesn’t really have any financial reason to make it, but it’s definitely strange that they just up and release a patch for a 19 year old game.


Steam Swings The Banhammer

Valve was not holding back this time around as they recently banned a record 40,000 people right after the Steam Summer sale ended, more than double than there were last year. Some are thinking it’s odd that Valve waited until after the banned users blew money on the sale, which is definitely something to wonder about. It’s also important to note that when a user is banned, they are only banned from that account and the games they bought on it, they can still hop back on under a new name and blow some more. Still, take this as a lesson, don’t cheat. Not only are you a turd, but you will also lose all those games you paid for.


That’s the news this week, be sure to come back next week for another gaming news roundup. Also, if you missed last week’s roundup, click here to get caught up. If you happened to miss the last article/video I made about Sony’s strange year so far, you can click here.