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Gaming News Roundup – July 24: BlazBlue Battle at EVO, Dragon Ball Fighter Z Beta, StarFire in Injustice 2

Gaming News Roundup – July 24

ArcSystem Announces “BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle” At EVO

ArcSystem is coming with another one of their fantastic fighting games. This one is apparently going to be a crossover game starring the cast of BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, RWBY, and Under Night In-Birth, which is super exciting. It’s also going to be a tag team 2-on-2 fighter, which you probably could’ve guessed from the title, but I’m telling you here to clarify. It’s scheduled to release in 2018, I’m assuming it’ll release in the latter half since Dragon Ball Fighter Z is releasing early 2018. You can see the teaser for this anime fighter here


More Details On The Mysterious Ataribox

A couple of weeks ago, Atari announced that they were working on a brand new console, and I even made a video about it. They have recently given us more details about the system. They’ve stated that they will be bringing classics to the console as well as current titles, which is cool, I really want to see how they’ll handle that. The console will have two designs for sale, one with the wood panel which is reminiscent of the classic Atari 2600, and another which is a red and black style. Both versions of the console look kind of weird with all of the lines across the top, but still pretty sleek looking.

No word on when it’ll be released or what price it’ll be at, but there is talk that it may be a crowdfunded venture, which is iffy to say the least. To say the most – you better not.


Dragon Ball Fighter Z Beta Info And New Characters

For those eager to get their hands on the new Dragon Ball fighter, you may be able to get in on the closed beta for it, sign ups start on July 26th for PS4 and Xbox One. Also, they’ve recently revealed that Trunks will be in the game (duh), you can see the trailer for him here. Note how accurate the animations are, they’re doing an amazing job with capturing the essence of Dragon Ball with this. New screenshots of previously unconfirmed characters, Piccolo and Krillin (did you really expect them to not be in the game?), have surfaced and they look stunning as well.

The producer of the game, Tomoko Hiroki, stated that there will be nine characters in the beta, so we’ll likely be able to play Krillin and Piccolo, along with the rest of the cast. Let’s hope it plays as well as it looks.


Telltale Reveals New Seasons Of Fan Favorites

Huge fans of Telltale’s storytelling will be excited to hear that they’ve recently confirmed continuances of a few of their favorites series’. The most forthcoming one will be season 2 of the Telltale Batman story, with the first episode set to be released on August 8th and will be titled Batman: Enemy Within. The first season was critically acclaimed and hopefully this one is no different.

Also, they’ve confirmed a second season of their other critically acclaimed title Wolf Among Us, which is my favorite of their games and will be coming in 2018. Sadly, they’ve stated they won’t be explaining the cliffhanger that ended the first season, which is a bit rude, but nonetheless I’m still very excited to see what the next season turns out to be. They also confirmed the next season of their long-running Walking Dead adaptation, which will be the finale of Clementine’s tale. Season 3 was disappointing to quite a few of the fans that have followed the series, so hopefully they finish Clementine’s story with a bang. It will also be released in 2018. Man, 2018 is going to be an amazing year for gaming.


Legendary Pokémon Are Coming To Pokémon Go

To the 13 people that still play Pokémon Go, you may be delighted to hear that legendary Pokémon are coming to the mobile game. While they probably should have been there in the first place, this is pretty exciting, but will it bring back the players its lost in the last year? Only time will tell. The update is live, so maybe redownload the game and go try to catch you a Zapdos.


Starfire Joins Injustice 2

As previously announced, Starfire is going to be the 3rd DLC character to come to NetherRealm’s new superhero fighter, and we’ve recently gotten a trailer for her that you can watch here. She looks awesome (especially with her hair perpetually on fire), a lot of people were expecting she’d play more like Doctor Fate, but I definitely prefer the more close up or mid playstyle that’s showcased in the trailer. Also something you may have seen in the trailer is a very Bizarro-looking Superman. His suit is tattered and the logo is backwards, which some may attribute to some kind of gear you can collect, but his skin is also zombified. You can also see that his frost breath has turned to fire breath and his heat vision has turned to ice vision. Hopefully NetherRealm sheds light on that soon.


Doomfist Officially Joins The Overwatch Roster This Week

Those on the PTR have had plenty of time to test out Doomfist and see how he’ll fit into the meta, but on Thursday, the 27th, Doomfist will officially hit consoles and servers. While a bit weaker than he originally came to the PTR as, he’s still a load of fun to play. Be ready to either punch people against walls or be snuck up on and punched against a wall. He’s honestly terrifying. The Overwatch team also released a video about his conception and development that you can watch here.


That’s the news for this week, some exciting stuff. What are you most excited about? Can’t wait for Doomfist to finally come out? Really anticipating season 2 of Telltale’s Batman series? Let us know below! If you missed last week’s roundup and need to catch up, you can click here.