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Gaming News Roundup – July 10: Doomfist, PlayStation Photoshop, Destiny 2 Beta

Gaming News Roundup – July 10:

PlayStation Exposed For Photoshopping Anthem Gameplay

Gaming News Roundup - July 10

In another odd event by PlayStation, it looks like their photoshopping skills were put on blast this week as eagle-eyed viewers noticed something strange about the Anthem graphics comparison video they uploaded. It appears that PlayStation tried to fool fans by photoshopping their controllers’ button commands over the Xbox button commands which is apparently what the gameplay was actually recorded on, an Xbox One X. They were trying to pass it off as PlayStation Pro footage but have failed and the video has since been taken down.

This is hilarious and another flub in PlayStation’s odd behavior this year.


Doomfist Has Been Revealed

Overwatch fans have been waiting for this Nigerian powerhouse for seemingly forever, he’s got to be the game’s most anticipated hero, even after Sombra. Doomfist is now on the PTR (Public Test Region) with his release date unknown, but PC players can go test him out right now. He’s a very movement-heavy character and someone you definitely don’t want to be too close to, he can obliterate most character pretty easily. Doomfist honestly sounds like a character that a very excited kid thought of with the way he plays (his left hand is a freaking shotgun and he can do a Shoryuken with his gauntlet). Surprisingly, he isn’t voiced by Terry Crews, but he is voiced by a veteran voice actor named Sahr Ngaujah, who still fits the character great, especially with his accent. You can see the origin story which is basically an awesome anime short here and you can learn more about him and his abilities here.


Destiny 2 Beta On The Way This Month

For those ready to see how Destiny 2 will play when it hits stores September 6th, you’ll be able to get your hands on the beta later this month. For those that pre-ordered, you’ll be able to jump in early, on July 18th. For us regular folk and those on console, you’ll be able to get in July 21st. The PC version of the beta will be out in August. You can see the trailer for the beta here.


Shadow Of War Carries Over Mordor Orcs

Did an ally from Shadow of Mordor take a special place in your heart? Did you mark your blade for a special someone you planned to see later on? Well it looks like Shadow of War will let you carry on your rivalries and unities that you had in the previous game. You’ll be able to pull up on that one orc that gave you so much trouble previously or continue to show your lifelong loyalty to an ally you met way back when. There is a pretty great feature for a game like this especially with how the nemesis system is. There was also an update to Shadow of Mordor for you to start building your army early for the sequel, those that have it may want to get on that.


That’s the news for this week, be sure to come back next week for another gaming news roundup. If you missed last week’s roundup and need to catch up, you can click here.