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Gaming News Roundup – Jan 1: Apple Vs Loot Boxes, My Hero Academia Game, Darksiders 3

Gaming News Roundup – Jan 1

Apple Against Loot Boxes

Apple seem to taking a public stance on the subject of loot boxes with their recent iOS guidelines update that states that games that include loot boxes now have to disclose odds for the rewards within them prior to purchase. This is a huge deal, especially since the loot box craze spawned from mobile gaming. China has a similar law, but for them, it includes console games like Overwatch as well. This is good to see and hopefully we can get something like that going across the board for all games containing loot boxes, mobile and console.


New Darksiders 3 Gameplay

We recently got a new look at the upcoming Darksiders sequel and it looks like it’s shaping up. It was the game that spawned my previous article about pre-alpha critique, it didn’t look great when it was revealed. Since then, everything looks significantly better than when it was first revealed. It has a silky smooth framerate and the animations look a lot less stiff. They honestly should have waited a bit before revealing it, in my opinion. Watch the protagonist, Fury, take on a lava brute here. Keep putting in work, THQ Nordic.


Don’t Forget The Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta

If you didn’t get to play the Dragon Ball FighterZ closed beta a few months ago, you’ll still be able to try it out before its official release on January 26th. The open beta will run from January 14th to the 15th. It’s a short time, but mark your calendars. Beerus will be playable this time around as well, along with a few other characters that weren’t in previous betas.

In other news, Bandai Namco also released the opening cinematic for the game and it’s pretty rad. You can check that out here.


New My Hero Academia Game

In other weeb gaming news, a new My Hero Academia game was revealed at Jump Festa ’18, titled My Hero Academia: One’s Justice. It’s being published by Bandai Namco, of course, and developed by a studio called Byking. Along with the reveal came some gameplay and it looks pretty fantastic. It’s a 3D fighter with what looks to be a fully destructible environment, kind of in the same vein as Power Stone. It’s flashy, colorful, and looks fun as hell. You can see some gameplay here, with a fight between Deku and Bakugou. It’ll be released on all platforms, but we don’t have a solid release date.


That’s the first roundup of the year! Are you excited for Dragon Ball FighterZ this month? Happy to see more companies taking a stance on loot boxes? Let us know below! If you missed the last roundup, you can click here to get caught back up. Are you looking for tabletop/video game hybrids to play? One of our contributors put a short list together that you should definitely check out here. Be sure to come back next week for another gaming news roundup.