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FIGHT NIGHT: Deathstroke vs Batman April 2018

Over the weekend it was reported that Deathstroke and Justice League scribe Christopher Priest, will be pinning a new series putting Deathstroke vs. Batman.

This is, apparently, the comic book showdown you have been waiting for. Master assassin Deathstroke versus the world’s greatest detective Batman. Last time, Batman just punched him. This time? Well, this time Deathstroke writer and general all-round genius comic book auteur Christopher Priest is writing him, so it may go slightly differently. With and Hulk and Deathstroke artist Carlo Pagulayan on art  artist Lee Weeks on covers, expect the first issue of the Deathstroke Vs Batman to be officially announced later this week for April 2018 shipping. But because this is Bleeding Cool, you got to read it here first… if you believe it that is.


Christopher Priest has been extremely busy since his return to comics with DC’s Rebirth launch of the Deathstroke solo series, which earned him an Eisner nomination. He also co-wrote Rebirth’s first event titled Lazarus Contract and DC has recently began publishing his Justice League run. On the Marvel side he wrote the Inhumans mini-series Once and Future Kings and he worked on Black Panther Annual #1 due out in February. Being one of the most in demand writers today has not negatively impacted story quality. And in the case of Deathstroke vs. Batman, it might enhance the story. Priest is known for taking characters through dark periods of for moments of self discovery, so it will be interesting to see what these two adversaries can learn from each other and themselves.