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FANDOM FASHIONS: Totoro 25th Anniversary

Totoro 25th US Anniversary Fandom Fashions

Totoro, a friendly woodland beast known to children and spirits alike had a reason to celebrate on May 7th. The US release of My Neighbor Totoro dropped 25 years ago on that day. The magic of the film is still prevalent today. The genius story from Hayao Miyazaki has continued to enrapture viewers time after time.

For many, My Neighbor Totoro is what introduced them to the world of anime. (My introduction was One Piece, Straw Hat Pirates unite!) The film became hugely popular stateside. There’s even a dark conspiracy theory about what the friendly giant actually represents. Studio Ghibli’s mascot and even made cameos in several of their other films.

Check out these fandom fashion sets celebrating our favorite cuddly, gigantic, furry beast.

Casual Totoro

Long sleeve shirt from Amazon; Jeans and black platform sneakers from River Island; Totoro Steel Milk Bottle from Hot Topic; Totoro Terrarium from Dao Cao Studio (Etsy);


Dressy Totoro

Jacket and dress from Hot Topic; Necklace from Planet RAWR Jewellery (Etsy); Shoes from Asos;


Work Ready Totoro

Top from City Chic; Jacket from Amazon; Jeans and black heel from River Island; Totoro pin and handbag from Her Universe; Cup from Love Ghibli;

Which Totoro character is your fave? There is a definitive soft spot in my heart for the soot sprites. Was there another series or film that introduced you to anime? Do you have a character or fandom you’d like to see a set for? Let me know in the comments section below!

Far geekier fandom fashions can be found over at curvygeekyfangirl.com

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