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FANDOM FASHIONS: Super Mario Bros (The Film) 25th Anniversary

Super Mario Bros Film 25th Anniversary Fandom Fashions

Super Mario Bros, the film, turned 25 on May 28th of this year. 25! It has been a quarter of a century since the insanity of a live-action film attempted to hit the big screen and engage audiences that were already throwing bills at Nintendo. It didn’t go over well, at all.

The movie is a complete garbage fire complete with alternate dimensions, goo, and improbable tech that can de-evolve living entities because of reasons. Did I mention that the stated background between the Mario brothers includes an adoption and Luigi hooking up with Daisy? All of that said, I still have a huge soft spot for this terrible film.

As a kid, following the poor logic that is embedded in the film was a breeze and unquestioned. Sure, Koopa could absolutely be aware of alternate dimensions and plot to take over. Why wouldn’t Princess Daisy’s father be de-evolved into bob-omb giving sidekick? Powered boots that make you fly rather than jump high? Sure!

Check out these Super Mario Bros inspired sets to celebrate the game turned film that Bob Hoskins fondly remembered as a hellish production driven by an arrogant husband/wife team!


Super Mario Bros: Mario Fandom Fashion

Hat, Earrings, Bracelet, Heel, and Clutch from Amazon; Shirt from New Look; Jeans from City Chic


Super Mario Bros: Luigi Fandom Fashions

Jacket, Tank, Hat, Shorts, Bag, Earrings, and Heels from Amazon;


Super Mario Bros: Yoshi Fandom Fashion

Hoodie and Necklace from Merchoid; Jeans from City Chic; Backpack and Boots from Amazon;


Yoshi existed in this film! Yoshi is in the film as a random live action pet that did NOTHING. Do you have a character or fandom you’d like to see a set for? Let me know in the comments section below!

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