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Summer Geek TV Fandom Fashions

The summer TV season is officially here. Thank goodness the geekery can continue as the heat gets into absolute ridiculousness over the next few months. Luke Cage Season 2 is on the way. Humans season 3 will be airing over on AMC and Freeform will finally unveil Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger series. Can you be excited and apprehensive at the same time?

Summer Geek TV: Humans

Jacket, top, and jeans from New Look; Bracelet and sneakers from Amazon; Bag from Asos;

Humans is a UK series that AMC has picked up and it does not disappoint. It’s a show that explores the topic of artificial intelligence and what it truly means to be human. It’s an amazing fictionalized experiment on how society versus an individual reacts to sentient synthetics and each season just raises the bar higher and higher.


Summer Geek TV: Cloak - Cloak and Dagger

Hoodie and joggers from Amazon; Shirt from River Island; Shoes from Zappos;


Summer Geek TV: Dagger - Cloak and Dagger

Jacket, shirt, and jeans from Simply Be; Necklace from Little Bo’s Boutique; Sneaker from Amazon;

Oh Freeform, here we go. Admittedly,  I am only vaguely familiar with the duo and wonder why the black character is essentially a bottomless void that consistently needs to be saved by his white female counterpart? Why does homegirl have a cutout of a dagger (which I initially thought was a cross) in her skin tight footie pajamas? How exactly will Freeform shape the origin and narrative of this series?

What summer TV series are you most excited to watch? Will you also be side eyeing Cloak and Dagger? Do you have a character or fandom you’d like to see a set for? Let me know in the comments section below!

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