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FANDOM FASHIONS: Luke Cage Season 2

Luke Cage Inspired Fashion Sets

Luke Cage title page

Luke Cage is back!

Did someone say they needed a hero? Luke Cage season 2 drops Friday on Netflix in its full season glory. Thankfully the season will reunite a few faves (Misty Knight, Colleen Wing) and introduce some new faces along the way.

Luke Cage
Luke Cage Fandom Fashion

Shirt and hoodie from Amazon; Jeans from River Island; Boot from Army Navy Boots;


Trailers seem to indicate that Luke is no longer trying to be the hidden hero of Harlem and is instead ready to be front and center. Is this the result of living through the events in the Defenders or surviving the first season? Is it a combination of all the above with a dose of having the world on his shoulders?

Misty Knight
Misty Knight Fandom Fashion

Jacket and tank from Amazon; Jeans from City Chic; Jordans from Urban Kickz;

Misty will be back and dealing with her own aftermath of emotions from the events in Defenders. Most notably how she’s coping with the loss of her arm. The trailer already shows her and Colleen paired in an epic bar fight, does this bode well for a Daughter’s of the Dragon spinoff?

Bushmaster Fandom Fashions

Jacket, polo, and hat from Amazon; Jeans from New Look; Shoes from Grimentin;


Bushmaster, the mystery villain of the season seems to be on near equal footing as Luke. Who the heck is this guy? How is he able to go toe to toe with Luke? What’s his beef with Mariah? Will he be another Cottonmouth only to reveal a completely different villain later in the season?

I can’t wait to find out the answers to these questions and enjoy the adventures of Cage and crew when the season drops. Hopefully, the servers don’t crash for the second season! Do you have a character or fandom you’d like to see a set for? Let me know in the comments section below!

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