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Fandom Fashions: Geek Footwear

Geek Footwear Fashion Finds

Geek footwear is becoming a common occurrence. All of a sudden there are all kinds of shoe designers jumping in on the geek culture + fashion bandwagon. Adidas is about to drop Dragon Ball Z inspired sneakers as well as Black Panther kicks. It got me wondering what other geek inspired kicks are out there.

Turns out the answer is A LOT. Especially if they are related to any comic movie about to come out. I did find it interesting that nearly all the shoes I came across (in my very brief search) were converse styled. It won’t be long before Toms gets in on the action. Please let  Jimmy Choo be next.

Check out these fandom fashions inspired by geek footwear!

Joker Geek Footwear

Jacket, top, skirt, and bag from Amazon; Sneaker from ThinkGeek;


Deadpool Geek Footwear Fashion

Jacket and top from Amazon; Jeans from City Chic; Sneaker from ThinkGeek; Taco purse from Betsey Johnson; Hat from Hot Topic;


Black Panther Geek Footwear Fashion

Jacket and sunglasses from Amazon; Top from Rosegal; Jeans from City Chic; Sneakers TBD by Adidas;

Have you spotted any geek inspired footwear? Do you have a character or fandom you’d like to see a set for? Let me know in the comments section below!

Far geekier fandom fashions can be found over at curvygeekyfangirl.com

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