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Fandom Fashions: Disney Villains

Disney Villains Fandom Fashions

Disney villains are finally getting their time to shine! Luxury fashion has finally accepted the true icons of the Disney lineup and plans to celebrate are underway. The Blonds will be unveiling their Disney villain inspired, spring 2019 collection, for New York Fashion Week. The news absolutely bears repeating.

The luxury fashion designers, The Blonds, will be putting Disney villains on a New York Fashion Week runway in September. Villains like Ursula, Scar, or the evil queen herself (Queen Grimhilde for my fellow trivia geeks) could be sashaying on a catwalk. Probably with a distinct look of annoyance, they’ll fit right in.

Disney Villains are notoriously misunderstood. A lot of them are just trying to achieve justice for the crimes committed against them. All of them are unique individuals who have had to find the value within themselves to exact their murderous revenge. Check out these fandom fashion sets inspired by a few of the villainous standouts.

Disney Villain: Queen Grimhilde

Dress and hat from Boo Hoo; Heels from New Look; Necklace from Chillatto (Etsy); Ring from Rock Love; Purse from Amazon;


Disney Villains Scar

Vest and pants from Navabi; Tank from Simply Be; Heels from New Look; Claw Rings from Amazon;

Disney Villains Ursula

Dress from City Chic; Necklace from EmporiumOnMain (Etsy); Earrings from JuneTiger; Heel from Aldo;


Quick, what three Disney Villains would be great friends for you? Do you have a character or fandom you’d like to see a set for? Let me know in the comments section below!

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