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FANDOM FASHIONS: Deadpool 2 Sets

Deadpool 2 Inspired Fashion Sets

Deadpool 2 is upon us motherf$#@*%s! The Merc with the Mouth is back with his wit, sass, and unicorn magic. He’s even making friends in this film. Such growth! I am definitely looking forward to meeting the X Force team and Peter. Truly, how long is he going to make it in this film? His Twitter profile is fantastic though.

I can’t wait to check out Zazie Beetz as Domino. She is serving some major attitude in her comics mandated leather fitted outfit and she’s running in those high heeled combat boots! Let us not forget the ridiculous talent and gorgeousness of Lewis Tan. I am here for all the Shatterstar scenes.

Check out these fandom fashions inspired by the sequel that hopefully will give us another Bob cameo.

Deadpool 2 Officewear

Cardigan from Super Hero Stuff; Top and Deadpool wallet from Amazon; Boot from Asos; Pants from Simply Be;


Domino Love (Deadpool 2)

Tank from Simply Be; Pants, domino necklace hand clutch, and boot from Amazon;


Deadpool 2 Night Out

Jacket from New Look; Dress from City Chic; Necklace, boots, and crossbody bag from Amazon; Necklace from Think Geek;

Are you as excited to catch the sequel as you were for the first film? Will the X Force be an improvement on the Xmen in this universe? Do you have a character or fandom you’d like to see a set for? Let me know in the comments section below!

Shopping links for the sets and so many geek fandom fashions can be found over at curvygeekyfangirl.com

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