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FANDOM FASHION: Stranger Things

Stranger Things Fashion Sets

Stranger Things Title Screen

Cue the music! ***Doo doo doo doo…***

Stranger Things season two is finally here! After waiting for what seemed like forever, the October 27th premiere is finally here. I can’t wait to catch up with our favorites in Hawkins. What has Will been up to (or through) since his return from the Upsidedown?

Will Byers and the Upsidedown

Oh, Will…

How have Mike, Lucas, and Dustin been coping since Eleven’s heroic sacrifice? What about Hopper and his ties with the dreaded Department of Energy? Most importantly will we get to see Lucas’ parents? Hopefully, there are answers to the questions that have been brewing since the end of season one.

SNL Stranger Things

This statement could be applied to so many things…

Check out these fandom fashions inspired by Team Eleven:

Fandom Fashion Mike Wheeler

Shirt, jacket, and shoes from Amazon; Pants from H&M;


Fandom Fashion: Dustin Henderson

Shirt, jacket, hat and shoes from Amazon; Pants from Simply Be;


Fandom Fashion Lucas Sinclair

Shirt from Blank Style; Pants from Navabi; Jacket, camo bandana and shoes from Amazon;


Fandom Fashion Eleven

Jacket, dress, socks, and shoes from Amazon; Necklace from Etsy;


Welp, my weekend will be packed with nine whole episodes to rewatch a ridiculous amount of times. Not to mention all of the Eggos that are about to be consumed. Who needs the outside?

TV joy

Netflix and naps are the greatest friends.

Will you be watching the latest adventures in Hawkins, Indiana? Will Eggos be involved? Do you have a favorite character or another fandom you’d like to see a fashion set for? Let me know in the comments section below!

Like any of clothing used in the sets? The shopping links for these sets and other fandom fashions can be found over at curvygeekyfangirl.com

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