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Riri Williams Fashion Sets

Riri Williams has been making the news rounds lately with speculation that Letitia Wright’s Shuri will be her MCU embodiment. It seems that with the imminent departure of Robert Downey Jr. fans have begun to fan cast who the next person will be to take up the Iron Man mantle. Should Shuri also take on characteristics of Riri Williams for the MCU?

IMHO…Heck no! Why can’t we have Riri Williams and Shuri in the MCU? She’s based on Skai Jackson, an actual actress who is in the same age range as Riri Williams. She could have a Spider-Man Homecoming vibe and even meet up with Shuri for the ultimate MCU STEM luncheon. Also inviting Lunella “Moon Girl” Layfayette. Just saying.

My opinions aside check out these sets inspired by the one and only Riri Williams who absolutely deserves to be an individual character in the future of the MCU.


Riri Williams Look 1

Tank, necklace, and backpack from Amazon; Pants from BooHoo; Sneakers from DSW


Riri WIlliams Look 2

Jacket, hoodie, and necklace from Amazon; Jeans from New Look; Sneakers from Very;


Riri Williams Look 3

Shirt, sneakers, and headphones from Amazon; Jogger sweats from Ulla Popken;


In conclusion, Riri Williams deserves her own MCU characterization. Please, Marvel, do not merge her character with Shuri’s in an attempt to bring in another Iron Man. I’m pretty sure Skai Jackson wouldn’t turn the opportunity down. Do you have a favorite character or another fandom you’d like to see a fashion set for? Let me know in the comments section below!

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