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Fandom Fashion: Jessica Jones Season 2

Jessica Jones Fashion Sets

Jessica Jones season 2 arrived on Netflix on March 8th. Thirteen episodes of the misadventures of Jessica Jones gave us even more backstory for our favorite alcoholic private eye and it was a doozy of an adventure. Personally, I really only needed a third of what the season offered but I was glad for the ride.

There were several moments that stood out for me with Jessica Jones and a lot of those moments included the main character but also an old annoyance that stole the show and a character I never thought I’d feel for. Check out these sets featuring Jessica, Kilgrave, and Jeri Hogarth.

Jessica Jones

Jacket from Navabi; Tee from Lands End; Jeans from Nordstrom; Boots from 6pm;



Blazer, shirt, and trousers from Navabi; Tie from The Webster; Watch from Macy’s; Shoes from Nordstrom Rack;



Jacket, dress, heels, and briefcase from Nordstrom;

Anyone else (who’s watched the series) feel Trish is the worst? What’s going on with this Pryce Cheng fella? Was he in the comics? Can Jessica have a season that doesn’t rely on her messed up past? Here’s hoping that the future seasons answer my questions!

Do you have a favorite character or another fandom you’d like to see a fashion set for? Let me know in the comments section below!

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