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FANDOM FASHIONS: Doctor Who Christmas Special

Doctor Who Christmas Special Fashion Sets

Doctor Who Dalek

The Christmas Tree that was exterminated.

Doctor Who will be having their Christmas special this December 25th. In just a few short days the Doctor will be back on our screens for one last adventure in his current Capaldi form. I’m looking forward to seeing the return of the first Doctor in an epic Doctor and Doctor team up.

Doctor Who and Bill

Bill supporting her Doctor and rocking accessories flawlessly.

Capaldi’s been a great Doctor and I really started loving the show again with the addition of Bill. It will be interesting to see how her character is incorporated into the Christmas special and I hope she continues to rock as the companion for the next regeneration of the Doctor.

Check out these fandom fashions inspired by Whovian characters appearing in the Christmas special:

12th Doctor Fandom Fashion

1) Jacket from Tidebuy 2) Shirt from River Island 3) Pants from Navabi 4) Waistcoat from River Island 5) Shoes from 6 pm


Bill Potts Fandom Fashion

1) Shirt from Top Shop 2) Jacket from Simply Be 3) Jeans from River Island 4) Shoes from Romwe 5) Necklace from Revolve


First Doctor Fandom Fashion

1)Cape from eBay 2)Shirt from River Island 3) Waistcoat from Amazon 4) Pants from Navabi 5) Scarf from Moda Operandi 6)Hat from Lock Hatters 7) Ribbon bowtie from Amazon 8) Shoes from Amazon

Will you be watching the latest adventures the Doctor? Do you have a favorite character or another fandom you’d like to see a fashion set for? Let me know in the comments section below!

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