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FANDOM FASHION: Black Girl Geeks

Black Girl Geeks Fashion Sets

I recently had a conversation with someone who wondered aloud if there were ever any black girl geeks in TV or film. To which I had some suggestions but unfortunately the person had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT. Granted some of these characters are not in the mainstream consciousness but at least two of them definitely are.

kevin hart, learning

Go head and pull up that notes app…

Check out these Black Girl Geeks who have made this black geek proud.

Moon Girl Fandom Fashion

Shirt, necklace, and backpack from Amazon; Shorts from Simply Be; Glasses from Pop Map; Sneakers from Zappos;

Moon Girl

Moon Girl is definitely the newest black geek to warm my heart. It doesn’t hurt that Marvel announced that Lunella Lafayette is considered to be the smartest in the Marvel Universe and her crimson companion, who goes by Devil Dinosaur, is an amazing bonus. Also, did ya hear that she’s about to get a show?

Freddie Brooks Fandom Fashion

Jacket from Navabi; Top, sunglasses, necklace, and shoes from Amazon; Pants from Matches Fashion;


Freddie Brooks is an ICON. She’s passionate about her causes, definitely walks off the beaten path, and is adorably awkward and enthusiastic at the same time. It was amazing to watch her grow and change throughout A Different World and my love for Cree Summer only expanded that love.

Terry Doolittle Fandom Fashion

Jacket from Optics Planet; Sweater and shoes from Amazon; Scarf from Miss Selfridge; Jeans from Simply Be; Glasses from Coastal;


Okay, this one might be throwing some of ya’ll for a loop. Terry Doolittle is the lead character that Whoopi Goldberg brought to life in the 80s classic, Jumping Jack Flash. What’s the big deal? First of all, this was the first ever black female nerd that I had ever seen. Secondly, this is a character who knows how to fix computers, hack into mainframes and basically becomes a spy after catching feelings for a dude who hit her up in a live chat. Who doesn’t love a character who fully embraces her weirdness with pride?

What geek character have you connected with on TV and/or film? Do you have a favorite character or another fandom you’d like to see a fashion set for? Let me know in the comments section below!

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