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FANDOM FASHION: Alien Fashion Sets

Alien Fashion Sets

Alien Covenant is soon going to be in the theaters so why not take a walk down Alien memory lane. My introduction to the franchise was with Alien Resurrection (we shall not speak of it) which then lead to watching the first two films and being blown away. Xenomorphs, butt kicking female lead, space what more could a girl want?

Check out the sets below for a bit of Alien in your everyday.

Tee from River Island; Jeans from City Chic; Jacket, sneakers, and plush Xenomorph from Amazon;

Top from H&M; Heels from Saks off 5th; Alien brooch from Etsy; Sunglasses from Bleudame; Leggings, lipstick, nail polish, alien ring from Amazon;

Bomber jacket and sneakers from H&M; Jump suit from Simply Be; Nostromo badges from eBay; Plush face hugger from Think Geek; Casio watch from NY Watch Store;

Camo jogger from Loralette; Dog tag necklace from New Chic; Bandanna from New Look; Top and boots from Amazon.com;

Got a character or fandom in mind for an everyday fashion? Let me know in the comments below!

Check out FanBros.com for more sets like this! Shopping links for the above sets and even more great geek fashions can be found at: curvygeekyfangirl.com