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The Scream Squad: Eerie Asian Films & Anime (PODCAST)

On this week’s The Scream Squad, Eerie Asian Films & Anime, Jaime “The Demonslayer” Righetti is off purchasing a shiny new iron maiden in Transylvania. In her stead is special guest Deadly Diva of Outlaw Barz (the anime podcast brought to you by the lovely folks of FanBrosShow).

Diva joins Chico Leo to discuss everything creepy and unnerving in the horror anime subgenre with the Satoshi Kon classic Deep Blue. They also dive into Korean horror with A Tale of Two Sisters, the highest grossing Korean horror film in America. Train to Busan is also discussed, while Diva and Chico draw parallels between the zombie genre and the Japanese anime Attack on Titan.

Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!

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