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E32018: We Break Down All The New Features In “Dying Light 2”

After the amazing release in 2015’s Dying Light, the series has finally returned with a sequel. But, to be honest, the game has received so much support from it’s developers in the form of updates and DLC that it never felt like it’s ever left! So, how can the series so drastically improve upon a still-great system? Let’s dive in with what we’ve discovered in our recent demo at E3 2018:

Dying Light 2 is set 15 years later:

Much has changed since the original game’s “recent outbreak” storyline. The world is now further in ruin with thugs, looters and governments reformed in a (colorful!)post-apocalyptic environment. This also affects your arsenal, as guns are now considered mystical/magical weapons that you wouldn’t regularly have access to.

The Dialogue Tree Is INCREDIBLY Important:

The decisions and actions you choose to make with characters can drastically change the narrative in your game. With the writers of The Witcher 3 behind the wheel, it’s determined to give you a more complex story. You could bring in law enforcement to clean up your city in the form of the SWAT-like Peacekeepers who patrol the streets. Or you can allow yourself and a band of criminals to keep them out and you create a business within the steadily decaying environment that profits from the city’s citizens.

The Moral Choices Are Pretty Grey:

While it would seem like the right move would be to call in The Peacekeepers, who can grant you a constantly safe territory and clean water fountains for you to drink and heal yourself, it has it’s flaws: They also run the city as totalitarians who use execution against their citizens for smaller crimes, such as stealing. On the other end, choosing to keep them out creates an unruly, dangerous environment where you gain money from profit and a thriving illegal marketplace with advanced/extreme weaponry to bring into combat.

Daytime Combat Is A Whole New Beast:

Combat is less “running and bashing” like the original and feels closer to a more brutal FarCry installment. Human enemies play a much larger threat, as there many thieves, gangs and looters overrunning the city and hoarding much-needed supplies. With your character having a normal-level of strength and health, it is imperative for you to often calculate using stealth, tactics and your environment to gain the upper-hand. And most importantly, run when you hear an alarm. Because entire waves of melee enemies and arches can rain down on you.

image by Game Rant

The Dystopian City Opens Unpredictable New Doors For Parkour:

Of course, the primary function that sets this series apart is it’s commitment to parkour in a zombie infested world. This dystopian setting is perfect for “close-call” escapes, difficult climbs and stealthy quick thinking. From grabbing dangling grappling ropes in an emergency to near-misses before losing all of your stamina, it is an incredible rush as this new playground turns you into both hunter and prey, depending on the player’s quick-thinking. All the while, doing your best not to wake a pit of zombies hidden in dark crevices/buildings.

image by rockpapershotgun

New Night System And Multiplayer:

While not shown in this demo, the new night system will add a dimension to help players want to observe the nightlife of the world. As for the multiplayer, we were told “we will see a few surprises, but no Battle Royale”. We will be looking forward to seeing more in a future demo of the game.

The game doesn’t have a release date at the moment, but it is due out in 2019.