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E32018: “Strange Brigade” Is A Return To Old-School Co-Op

Strange Brigade brings the old-school co-op(online only) style of classics like Gauntlet to the present. Set in a very 50s Pulp/Doc Savage universe, you play as one of four heroes as you battle mobs of enemies. While you wander through trap-filled jungle environments, you could be ambushed by mummies, zombies or even feudal samurai.

Combat feels a bit slow when your solo. You’re armed with a hunting rifle that has a strong single shot, but a 3 second delay on reloads before you fire again. Your pistol, with unlimited ammo, is far faster and feels a lot smoother when being rained on by waves of enemies. This forces you all to work as a team and trigger traps against enemies, such as spinning blades, boulders or red fire barrels(of course) to slow down the oncoming horde.

To gain the upper hand against the waves of villains, you’re given two advantages:

  1. Each character is armed with a magical amulet that allows you to absorb the souls of dead enemies. It charges your special that allows you to kill a wave of foes in front of you. If you time this properly, you can actually repeat this process in cycles to become an unstoppable force.

  1. You gain modified weapon upgrades. These include ice/fire bullets, improved headshot damage, etc.

While Strange Brigade has it’s issues, we hope to see it improve by it’s release date on August 28th for all major consoles.