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E3 2017 Day 1 – EAPlay: Star Wars Battlefront 2 Info, Need For Speed Payback, Anthem

The E3 Recap Day 1 is here!

So EA has kicked off E3 week with a fairly decent conference today. They showed us new IPs, DLCs (of course), what’s to come from their sports franchises, and most notably a bunch of new Battlefront 2 footage. I’m UncoloredPage, and I’ll be giving you the rundown of what was shown today.

Madden 18 Introduces Longshot, A Story Mode

To start off their conference EA  introduced a new addition to their upcoming football sequel, Madden 18. It’s a story mode called Longshot, which looks very interesting, seemingly taking cues from their other sports franchise, FIFA. If you guys didn’t know, last year FIFA implemented a story mode as well and I hear it was pretty well received. The trailer is very well done, even though some of it (i.e. the “shake and bake”  bit) look kind of corny. You can check out the trailer here. You’ll be able to step on the field August 25th.


Battlefield 1’s In The Name Of Tsar Gets A Teaser

The next part of the conference was used to tease upcoming DLC for Battlefield 1. It’s a bit strange to use E3 time for DLC, but I can let it go. They also gave a release date for it, September 2017. You can see that teaser here.


FIFA 17’s Story Continues In FIFA 18

Maintaining their grasp on the sports market, EA then presented a new trailer for FIFA, featuring an eSports montage (that happened to show an allegedly racist player, ouch), and a trailer about the FIFA 17 and 18 protagonist, Alex Hunter. They also had two pretty cringe show hosts from Men In Blazers come on and talk about how good Cristiano Ronaldo looks in a motion capture suit and how great his hair is. That part was a bit weird, but the trailers were cool. You can catch the gameplay trailer here, and the Alex Hunter promo here. It’ll be released September 29th this year.


Need For Speed Payback Gameplay Trailer

There’s a new Need For Speed coming for fans of the long-running series that looks quite fantastic actually. For a long time racing games have been a vehicle (ha, get it?) to show off how graphically beautiful and realistic games can be, and this is no exception. Need For Speed Payback looks stunning in this new gameplay trailer, and the set pieces that happen throughout only solidify my case. Besides the visuals though, this looks to be pretty action packed and reminds me of a Fast and Furious scene. You can check out the trailer here. We’ll be seeing it November 10th this year.


New Co-Op Game, A Way Out

From the creators of Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons comes A Way Out, a co-op prison break adventure. While on stage, the very excited presenter explained that the game is meant and designed to be played split screen, even online which is interesting. The gameplay shown was also super intriguing with what seemed to be a wealth of player choice, such as who to handle what or how you should go about your objective while you partner is in a cutscene. Gameplay-wise this seems to be a very unique play on co-op games. Concept-wise it’s just as unique if you don’t think of any prison related media whatsoever. This honestly looks like a blast to play with a friend and can lead to a lot of great and possibly hilarious gameplay moments. You can catch the reveal trailer here and the gameplay trailer here.


Can NBA Live 18 Contend With 2K?

NBA Live is back again to at least try to contend with 2K after their last game flopped. While graphically impressive, the animations did look a bit stiff, honestly, hopefully they smooth it out a bit before release. They did release a trailer emphasizing your created player as the center of the game, also using King Kendrick Lamar’s fantastic song “DNA”. You can see that trailer here.


Bioware Teases New Game, Anthem

It turns out Bioware isn’t quite dead after Mass Effect Andromeda, as they take a shot at a new IP called Anthem. While they didn’t show much, it kind of looks like a mix of Mass Effect and Halo to me, but we’ll see tomorrow at the Microsoft conference. You can catch that teaser here, but be sure to look out for it tomorrow.


The Main Event, Star Wars Battlefront 2

EA then ended their conference with a TON of info about Battlefront 2. They also had Janina Gavankar, the game’s lead, present for this, which was really cool, the crowd really took to her. While of course they talked about the new characters and maps they added, one awesome thing to note from this is that all updates for Battlefront 2 will be free, which I’m really hoping becomes a trend in the gaming landscape. To finish the show they showed us a gameplay trailer that you can find here and they even showed a full match that was quite lengthy that you can find here. The game looks fantastic and jaw-droppingly beautiful. Also Darth Maul went off in that match, my god.

John Boyega also joined the conference to assure us that his character, Finn, will be playable along with Phasma, which is exciting. As said in the conference, you can play as character throughout all eras, it’s up to your imagination.


That was EA’s conference today, be sure to come back every night after the conferences this week for the rundown on what happened. Do you think EA did well? Are you excited for Battlefront 2? Let us know!

Also one more thing:

Did anybody else notice that this guy had two microphones?