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E3 Day 3 – Square Enix Conference: Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Just Cause 4, and More

E3 Day 3 – Square Enix

A Deeper Look Into Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Square Enix started off their conference with a more in-depth look at the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider via a gameplay demo. A developer from Square also discussed with us what you can expect from it. When the game comes out September 14th, you can expect more tombs, more water exploration, and for Lara to grow even more as a character. The reveal also included the beginning cinematic of the game. You can watch the full reveal here.


Final Fantasy XIV And Monster Hunter World Collab

A new crossover event is happening between Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World and it looks awesome. This summer you’ll be able to explore the world of Eorzea with a Palico by your side. No detail on what it contains yet, but if you’re familiar with how Monster Hunter World does its crossovers, it’s probably that. Limited-time quests, cosmetics, and such. You can watch the trailer here.


Dragon Quest XI Gets A US Date

Square showed a trailer for the US version of Dragon Quest XI which has been out in Japan since July 2017. The trailer features that iconic Akira Toriyama style that I love. You’ll be able to pick it up September 4th on PS4 and PC. You can check out the trailer here, it looks great.


New Platinum Game, Babylon’s Fall

We got a trailer for a new game by the creators of Bayonetta called Babylon’s Fall. Not much info, but from the looks of it, it might be co-op, which would be really cool. You can see the trailer here and expect it some time in 2019 on PS4 and PC.


New Trailer For Octopath Traveler

A new trailer for the Switch game Octopath Traveler was shown and it looks to be a turn-based RPG with a pretty cool 16-bit, but kind of dioramic background art style. It’ll be out on July 13th, you can watch the trailer here.


Lots More Detail On Just Cause 4

We got a good bit of new footage and info about Just Cause 4 at the conference today! You’ll be controlling Rico in the new, fictional South American city called Solize (I think that’s how it’s spelled, I haven’t seen it written anywhere yet). The game is said to feature a wealth of improvements over the last game, which was pretty “meh” across the board. New environmental hazards like tornados, lightning, and sandstorms will occasionally come in and wreck the area that they appear in, which can definitely force you to switch up your gameplan. The narrator says that the vehicles and Rico’s grappling hook has been overhauled to be more intuitive and accessible, which sounds neat. You can watch the full presentation here.


The Quiet Man Isn’t Daredevil, But I’m Going To Call It That

A trailer for a new game called The Quiet Man was shown and it features a deaf protagonist that beats up badly-dressed people hanging out in alleyways. The hero we all needed. Anyway, this Daredevil game looks to be pretty combat focused, but could definitely use an improvement in the graphics department. There will apparently be more info coming in August, which I’m interested to see. You can watch the trailer here.


Square also showed off a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, which was the same trailer from yesterday, but with some new bits added to it. You can watch that here.

That’s it for Square Enix’s conference! Definitely not the most exciting so far, but they Shadow of the Tomb Raider at least, so that’s good. I mean, they didn’t even show anything about the Final Fantasy 7 remake for some reason. Where is that? Anyway, is there anything you’re excited for? Let us know below! Be sure to stay tuned to Fanbros for more E3 coverage!