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E3 Day 3 – Sony Conference: Last Of Us Part II, Spider-Man, Death Stranding, and more

We knew about most of what Sony was going to show at their conference, but they still did a great job of offering some surprises for us when it was their time to shine. With lots of actual gameplay, Sony’s conference was easily one of the best this year. Let’s take a look.


E3 Day 3 – Sony

A Lot Of Last Of Us Part II

To kick off the show, Sony gave us a lot of footage of what’s possibly their most highly-anticipated game, The Last Of Us Part II. It clearly stars Ellie and man, she has grown into an absolute savage. She chopped a guy’s head off, stabbed a man multiple times in the throat, and just bodied a whole little gang. She isn’t playing around at all this time around. Also of note is how dark and gory this game is compared to the previous one. Last Of Us Part II is not shying away from the violence and gore required to survive in its universe. Also featured is some more personal moments in Ellie’s life, as she shares a kiss at a party with a new character named Dina. You can watch the full gameplay here, it’s definitely looking like they’ve done a great job continuing this story.


Ghosts of Tsushima Looks Incredible

Taking place in a war-torn feudal Japan, Ghosts of Tsushima looks like it’s perfectly capturing the essence of what a samurai game should be aiming for. The combat looks slick, fluid, and gorgeous, as does the environment. Just look at that grass! Those leaves! It’s such a beautiful game and I’m excited to see more of it. You can see the gameplay for it here.


Remedy’s New Game Control

There was an announcement of a game called Control, which is being made by the same people that made the original Max Payne games, and most recently, Quantum Break. The game actually looks a lot like Quantum Break, but with a heavy emphasis on environmental destruction and force pushing objects around. It’s expected to be released some time in 2019 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You can see the trailer here.


A Look At The Resident Evil 2 Remaster

We got a look at the Resident Evil 2 remaster and the visuals are master class. The release date for it is January 25, 2019, and you can watch the trailer for it here.


Another New Trailer For Kingdom Hearts 3

Another new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 was shown off and it features the Pirates of the Caribbean world, which has been featured in the series before. This trailer is beautiful and you can really see the monstrous graphical leap if you compare this iteration of the Pirates world to the version we saw in Kingdom Hearts 2. As usual, the trailer features some gameplay from the world, and as usual, it looks amazing. The trailer also shows some story elements that are very interesting. You can see the trailer here.


I Still Don’t Know What Death Stranding Is And At This Point, I’m Too Afraid To Ask

A new trailer for Death Stranding was shown. Still have zero idea what’s happening and nobody will tell us. This new trailer features more Norman Reedus, a really cool design for an umbrella, weird vore shit, and what looks to be some UI-less gameplay. You can watch it here.


Nioh 2 Is In The Works

The first Nioh was a hit for a lot of people, so it’s great that we got a trailer for Nioh 2, which is in development. You can see the trailer for it here.


Ya Boy, Spider-Man Stopped By

More gameplay of Marvel’s Spider-Man was shown and boy, does it look thrilling to swing around in this. I usually have issues with how Spider-Man games tend to look, but this game’s color palette, look, atmosphere, and feel are just unmatched when compared to the previous Spider-Man games. This new demo shows some combat, some web-swinging, and an introduction to the Sinister Six, the antagonist faction Spidey is up against. You can watch the demo here.


From Software’s PSVR Game, Déraciné

It’s nothing like Dark Souls, let me just state that right now. It’s a lovely-looking PSVR game that looks to be pretty heavy on the story. You can watch the trailer for it here.


That was Sony’s conference, not as many games as Microsoft’s, but most of what they showed had an impact. Can’t go wrong when you give us so much gameplay. Excited to see more Last Of Us Part II? Ready to swing around in Spider-Man? Let us know below! Be sure to stay tuned to Fanbros for more E3 coverage.