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E3 2018 Day 2 – Microsoft Conference: LITERALLY EVERYTHING, Cyberpunk 2077, Halo Infinite

Microsoft had a pretty great showing on the E3 stage today. Starting off with the promise of 50 games and 18 exclusives, they hit us with a ton of trailers and world premieres. Let’s get into them!

E3 2018 Day 2

Master Chief Returns In Halo Infinite

Starting off strong with their biggest franchise, Halo Infinite was announced. The trailer shows some pretty nice looking environments, along with an incredibly smooth framerate. You can watch the trailer here, there wasn’t any information given about the game, but I’m sure we can expect something sometime soon.


Gameplay Trailer For Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Another trailer on the lineup was for Ori and the Will of the Wisps, which looks beautiful. The gameplay looks just as smooth as the first and man, the art style is gorgeous. In terms of the actual gameplay, it looks riding the owls could be a way to get from area to area, the combat looks addicting and fast, and the platforming looks excellently put together. You can watch the trailer here.


From Software’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

From Software, the developers of the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne have a new title coming out that takes place in what looks to be feudal Japan. I’ve personally not been a big fan of the Souls series, but this definitely looks like something I’d enjoy. It features some really great looking traversal with some kind of grappling hook that you can also use in combat and the obvious From Software style giant bosses. You can watch the trailer for it here.


A Tiny Bit Of Info On Fallout 76

Bethesda’s Todd Howard took the stage to give us a new trailer on Fallout 76 and a few new details about it. He didn’t confirm to us what kind of game it’s going to be when it hits stores, but he did tell us that it’s going to be four times bigger than Fallout 4 was, which will be great if they fill it with engaging content. As many already knew, the game is a prequel to the Fallout series that takes place in West Virginia. Todd made sure to mention that it’ll be focused around rebuilding everything that was destroyed in the nuclear fallout, which may mean a lot of base building. You can start pre-ordering on June 15th, but you can view the new trailer here.


The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

A new Dontnod game is releasing for free on June 26th. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit takes place in the Life is Strange universe, so maybe this is going to bridge the timeline between Life is Strange and the currently in-development Life is Strange 2. The game looks pretty nice, it features a little boy named Chris that has a wonderful imagination that leads him on adventures where he fights monsters and has superpowers. In the real world though, Chris lives with his father who has a drinking problem and gets picked last for teams in school. The game looks very endearing, so I’m excited to play it and see how it will connect to the Life is Strange story. You can watch the trailer for it here.


New Crackdown 3 Trailer And Release Date

Hey man, I’m just glad they haven’t killed this game off yet. Crackdown 3 has been given a new release window that will hopefully stick. They’re aiming for February of 2019, and if we’re going off of this new gameplay trailer, the game is coming along. The trailer shows off more explosions, a few antagonists, and a glimpse of the vehicular combat that we can expect. This will hopefully be the last delay, I’m sure Microsoft should know how vital their exclusives are going to be for this generation, so it would be in their best interest to make sure the game is ready to go and that it actually goes.


Nier: Automata Coming To Xbox One

Nier: Automata released on the PS4 and PC back in March 2017 and it’ll finally be coming to Xbox this month in the form of the Become As Gods edition which will be released on June 26th for $49.99. It’ll include the base game, the 3C3C1D119440927 expansion DLC, the Grimoire Weiss Pod, Retro Red Pod skin, Retro Grey Pod skin, Cardboard Pod skin, and the Machine Lifeform Mask accessory. I’m delighted that it’ll finally be on the Xbox, I’ve been wanting to play it for a long time, especially with how much praise the game has received.


New Metro Exodus Trailer

A new trailer for Metro Exodus was shown and it looks to be coming along pretty nicely. There’s a nice looking variety of environments, there’s an ally AI that comes along with you it looks like, and the gunplay looks very well done. The enemy types vary between humans, monsters, and giant monsters and you can customize your weapons on the fly to take care of them. You can watch the trailer here.


New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer And Release Date

A new trailer featuring Disney’s Frozen was shown for Kingdom Hearts 3, and I’m realizing how incredible the new Disney movies look in-game. Both Frozen and later, Rapunzel from Tangled, look like they came straight out of the movie. The trailer shows some gameplay from the Frozen world, some gummi ship gameplay, the return of Hercules, and most importantly, the official release date for the game. January 29, 2019 is when we’ll be able to finally play the long-awaited third main series installment of the Kingdom Hearts series. Finally, fuck! It’s been 13 long years for fans that haven’t gotten into all of the side games and I hope it turns out to be everything we’ve wanted and more. It looks like it will based on these amazing trailers. You can watch this new one here.


New Sea of Thieves Adventures

A new trailer for the 2 upcoming Sea of Thieves expansions was shown on the stage. The trailer is pretty nicely put together and the names of the DLC are Cursed Sails which is coming out in July, and Forsaken Shores which will be out in September. Glad to see actual content coming to it. You can watch the trailer here.


Forza Horizon 4 Details

A new Forza Horizon is on the horizon (huehuehue).  Ralph Fulton of Playground Games took the stage to introduce us to Forza Horizon 4 which looks stunning. He gave us a look at the multiplayer gameplay in the game’s shared open world and the game’s dynamic seasons changed as the demo continued, each looking just as incredible as the last. The dynamic seasons in the game don’t only change the scenery, they also change the paths of the entire open world, meaning certain paths will open based on what season it is. The game looks great and they certainly did a great job of showcasing the game’s version of Britain’s grand countryside. You can see the trailer for the game here, but you can see the full presentation here.


Microsoft Acquired A Few Studios

Phil Spencer came onto the stage to tell us about Microsoft’s recently created and acquired studios, and hopefully this leads to a lot more exclusives for the Xbox One. Playground Games who’s made Forza Horizon, Compulsion Games who’s about to release We Happy Few, Undead Labs who just released State of Decay 2, Ninja Theory, the one I’m most excited for, who’ve created HellbladeDmC, and Enslaved, and their new studio called The Initiative are all under the Microsoft Studios banner, which is very exciting.


New We Happy Few Trailer

Speaking of Compulsion Games and We Happy Few, the game is gearing up for its release on August 10th and they released a new trailer for it. Many people were disappointed about the game turning out to be just another generic survival game, so Compulsion went back to add a full story into the game, and from the looks of it, it might turn out to be pretty decent. It looks like the main objective is to free everybody from the fake happiness of the joy pills. You can watch the trailer here.


Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition

Tales of Vesperia, which was released in 2008, is getting a definitive edition this Winter for the Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC. The trailer features beautiful anime cutscenes and even more beautiful anime gameplay. Check it out here.


A Look At The Division 2‘s “Gameplay”

We got a look at what I hope to be the actual gameplay of The Division 2. The game looks pretty fun, but obviously we can’t go off of what the game looks like or we’ll get tricked again, like the last Division. If we are to go off of what this gameplay tells us though, we’re in for a treat when it comes out. The demo is us going along on a mission with a few teammates, which is just about the same as the last game. Nothing really looks all that new, but the way everything flows together is really satisfying. Of course, it’s meant to entice us, so take it with a grain of salt. One noticeable moment in the demo is when a teammate gets caught in some sort of floor trap which prompts another teammate to shoot it off of her. This raises the question of how that’s going to work if you’re playing alone. Do you just get bodied because you don’t have any friends? I guess we’ll see. You can watch the gameplay here.


Shadow of the Tomb Raider Looks Pretty Dark

We got a new trailer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which gives us a much better look at how the game will look and play. It looks to play exactly like the previous two Tomb Raider games, which is to be expected, but this time it certainly does have a darker tone than the previous games. Lara’s also pretty freakin’ buff this time around, she very much reminds me of Rambo. You can watch the trailer here.


No, It Isn’t Skate 4

A trailer started playing that showed a skateboarder skating around, grinding, and doing tricks. Many people including myself were about to be really hyped if Skate 4 faded onto the screen, but sadly no. Instead of Skate 4, the actual name of the game, Sessions, appeared and we were all a bit let down. Not that Sessions is bad, but it looks a lot like Skate, so why would you do that? Anyway, you can watch the trailer here. Maybe it’ll fill the hole in our heart that Skate 4 would.


Black Desert Beta This Fall

A new trailer showing off Black Desert was shown off. It looks beautiful and very much reminds me of Dragon Age. The beta for the Xbox version is happening this Fall and the trailer urges you to register now. You can see that trailer here.


Devil May Cry 5 Looks Awesome

New trailer for Devil May Cry 5 looks absolutely insane, this was one of the highlights of the conference for me. This installment is a direct sequel to Devil May Cry 4, meaning DmC: Devil May Cry from Ninja Theory isn’t canon and white-haired, smart-mouthed Dante is back. The trailer shows off some pretty great lookin scenes and some details about the story, such as Dante getting his demon arm ripped off and replaced with a robotic prosthetic. You can check out the trailer here. The release window for it is Spring 2019.


New DLC For Cuphead

A new DLC and all-new playable character for Cuphead was announced and I’m hype for it after finally beating it. The new playable character’s name is Ms. Chalice and she’s adorable. You can watch the trailer here and expect it some time in 2019.


Tunic Looks Very Cute

A very cute little isometric adventure starring an adorable fox got a trailer on the E3 stage. It’s called Tunic and you can watch the trailer for it here.


Jump Force Brings Your Favorite Anime Fan Games To Life

This is weeb’s wet dream! Jump Force brings together Shonen Jump’s heavy hitters, including Naruto, Goku, Monkey D. Luffy, and somehow Light from Death Note in this new fighter. I intrigued to see how Light will play since he could literally just write the characters’ names down and kill them. I’m also wondering why this is the art style they decided on for the game. It doesn’t exactly fit any of the style from the franchises, but it’s whatever. You can watch the trailer here. They bodied Frieza. Expect it in 2019.


Dying Light 2 Reveal

A new Dying Light 2 is on the way and along with the announcement and trailer came some pretty cool details. Chris Avello from the Techland team told us that traversal and combat have been vastly improved from the first game. He then went into detail about how the new choice system shapes the world of Dying Light 2. The gameplay demo gave us a scenario of forming an alliance or killing a faction called the peacekeepers and how that changes how people treat you. The peacekeepers are apparently one of the many factions that will be in the game, which very much reminds me of Fallout. No release date was given, but I’m excited to see more about the game.


Battletoads Returns

Classic co-op beat ’em up Battletoads will be making a return in 2019. The trailer gives a hint at how the art style may look. Check it out here, there’s not much of anything in it, but hey, Battletoads.


Just Cause 4 Trailer

Just Cause 4 was revealed with a trailer and it looks just chaotic as you’d expect. Check out the trailer here and be ready for it when it releases on December 4th.


3 New Gears Games

3 new games for the Gears of War franchise were announced on stage today and you may actually only care about one of them. The first is a mobile game in the style of the little POP! figures. The second is a turn-based strategy game. The third is Gears 5Gears 5 is a continuation of Gears of War 4 and clearly takes place some years later. Kate is going to be the main protagonist this time around by the looks of it, which I’m happy about, because JD was boring. There seems to be some issues between the three heroes of Gears 4 though, so that should be interesting. You can watch the trailer here.


Oh My God, It’s Cyberpunk 2077

Phil Spencer was just about to close the show when the stage was seemingly hacked and a trailer started playing. This trailer turned about to be for Cyberpunk 2077, the first trailer we’ve gotten in 5 years and it’s a very great looking trailer. We get a look at our protagonist, some wonderfully created neon environments, a look at some of the guns, a look at a bunch of characters, the setting of Night City, California, and man, I’m super excited. Still no release window yet, but it’s safe to assume that we won’t have to wait too much longer to see more about it. You can watch the trailer here. I’m glad we finally got something, we’ve been getting closer to the actual year of 2077.


The Microsoft team also gave some new details about its game pass, which is about to start including games as soon as they’re released, which is awesome. They also had a montage of a bunch of small titles coming to the Xbox, like Super Meat Boy Forever, you can watch that montage here. Phil Spencer closed the show stating that Microsoft is currently working on the next Xbox consoles and that was it. That was Microsoft’s E3 conference this year and I have to say, they did a pretty good job. I’m most excited for Cyberpunk 2077 and Devil May Cry 5, but what about you? What are you highlights for this conference? Let us know below! MellowMarketer got his top 5, which you can see here. Stay tuned to Fanbros for more coverage every day of E3.