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E3 2018: ‘Cyanide & Happiness’ Jump Into The Battle Royale Craze

What’s Up, FanBros! With the overwhelming number of Battle Royale games dropping in (yeah, you see what I did there)  to this E3, this one is easily one of my favorite surprises.  Cyanide & Happiness is the long-running comic and TV series of internet fame. This is their first video game and it’s packed full of the same dark comedy you’ve probably retweeted at some point:

Straight from E3’s PC Gaming Show — announcing Rapture Rejects, a top-down, dark comedy Battle Royale game set in the post-apocalyptic universe of Cyanide & Happiness. 

  • Rapture Rejects is a top down isometric last man standing game set in the apocalyptic cyanide & happiness universe.
  • When God leaves the worst of us to fight for ourselves, all that’s left to do is to kill each other.
  • Scavenge for weapons and kill every other person on Earth, to impress the almighty enough to let you into Heaven. 


The team is currently accepting Alpha sign-ups for this summer! Stay tuned for more updates, here at FanBros.com